Plastic Surgery

Recent Plastic Surgery Residency Program Graduates 

 Graduated Name Currently Practicing
 2020  Kathyrn King, MD  Fellowship - Hand (Florida Orthopedic Institute)
   Sara Soni, MD  Private Practice (Lone Tree, Colorado)
   Amanda Zimmerman, MD  Academic Practice (VA Medical Center - Florida)
 2019  Alicia Billington, M.D., PhD  Academic Practice (East Tennessee State University)
   Wilton Triggs, M.D.  Academic Practice (Holzer Health System)
   Anthony Watt, M.D.  Private Practice (Tampa, FL)


Heather Curtis, M.D. Private Practice (Kansas)
  Lauren Kuykendall, M.D. Academic Practice (USF Plastic Surgery)
  Joshua Elston, M.D. Academic Practice (USF Plastic Surgery)
 2017 Justin Daggett, M.D. Fellowship-Pediatric Craniofacial (The University of Pittsburgh)
Year Medical Mission Trip in Africa
  Jared Troy, M.D. Private Practice (Bradenton, FL)
2016 Brian Kellogg, M.D.  Fellowship-Craniofacial (Ohio State University)
Nemours Children’s Hospital (Orlando, FL)
  Umbareen Mahmood, M.D. Private Practice (New Jersey) 
  Yvonne Pierpont, M.D. Private Practice (Eau Claire, WI)
2015 Jessica Ching, M.D.  Fellowship-Pediatric Craniofacial (Hospital for Sick Children Toronto)
Academic Practice (University of Florida)
  Susan Chung, M.D.  Private Practice (New York)
  Erin Doren, M.D. Fellowship-Microsurgery (MD Anderson)
Academic Practice (Medical College of Wisconsin)
2014 Sergio Alvarez, M.D.  Private Practice (Miami, FL)
  Corey Harkins, M.D.  Private Practice (Georgia) 
  Jessica Suber, M.D. Private Practice (Ohio)
2013 Jeffrey Cone, M.D. Fellowship-Pediatric Craniofacial (Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute)
Private Practice (Austin, Texas)
  Matthew Hiro, M.D. Fellowship-Hand Surgery (Loyola)
Academic Practice (Bay Pines VA - St. Petersburg, FL)
  David Plank, M.D. Fellowship-Hand Surgery (University of Pittsburgh)
Private Practice (Orlando, FL)
2012 Michael Harrington, M.D.   Academic Practice (USF Plastic Surgery)
  Farah Khan, M.D.  Private Practice (Texas)
  Melanie Prince, M.D.  Private Practice (Arkansas)
2011 Effie Pappas-Politis, M.D. Private Practice (Tampa, FL)
  M. Lance Tavana, M.D. Fellowship-Hand Surgery (University of Pittsburgh)
Academic Practice (Medical University of South Carolina)
  Traci Temmen, M.D. Private Practice (Tampa)
2010 Melanie Aya-ay, M.D.
Private Practice (Tampa) 
  Deepak Naidu, M.D.  Private Practice (Tampa)
  Rafael Salas, M.D.  Academic Practice (USF-Bay Pines VA Medical Center)
2009 Luis Aponte, M.D. Private Practice (Tampa) 
  Alan Durkin, M.D.  Private Practice (Vero Beach)
  Moises Salama, M.D.  Private Practice (Miami) 
2008 Rami Ghurani, M.D.  Private Practice (Miami)
  Kenneth Lee, M.D. Academic Practice (Orlando)