Plastic Surgery

Application Process

The Department of Plastic Surgery accepts four medical school graduates into the USF Integrated Plastic Surgery residency program each year.

Interested fourth-year medical students are encouraged to apply through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) and should plan to submit a curriculum vitae, USMLE, three reference letters, dean's letter, and medical school transcript. Candidates must register with the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP).

For more information about the NRMP or ERAS visit the following websites:


Foreign Medical Graduates

Graduates of medical schools from countries other than the United States or Canada must present evidence of final certification by the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). The University of South Florida only accepts a J1 visa.


The application deadline is November 15. Interview sessions are held on Mondays in January with the final match date occurring in mid-March.


Per USF Policy, all USF Residency interviews in the Academic Year 2021-22, will be held on a virtual platform. USF Plastic Surgery Virtual Interviews will take place on January 10th and January 24th, 2022. Candidates invited to interview will have the opportunity to meet with current residents at a virtual social event the night before the interview. During the interview day, you will meet with core faculty, chief residents, and Dr. Steve Byrum, who administers the Hartman Value profile (see below). 

Hartman Value Profile

One element of our interview process is the use of the Hartman Value Profile. This profile gives an indication of an applicant’s vision of the world and one’s place in it. This is used not as a personality profile but more to suggest career path direction, problem-solving skills, and individual strengths.

If you’d like further insight into this tool, please visit the Hartman Value Profile.

Download The Resident Handbook



Dear Integrated Plastic Surgery Applicant,  

This year we are piloting a Plastic Surgery Common Application (PSCA) that we hope will replace ERAS in future application cycles. This free, plastic surgery-specific application form was developed to decrease costs for applicants and streamline the application process. This year, the PSCA will be used as a supplemental application for the following programs:  

Albany Medical Center 

Brown University 

Emory University School of Medicine Program

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Program

MedStar Health/Georgetown University Hospital Program

Ohio State University 

Oregon Health and Science University 

Rush University 

Southern Illinois University Program

University of California (Irvine) Program

University of Kansas School of Medicine 

University of Kentucky College of Medicine 

University of Rochester 

University of South Florida 

University of Texas Southwestern Medical School Program

Vanderbilt University Medical Center 

Yale-New Haven Medical Center 

If you are applying to any of the above programs, please plan to submit both the ERAS and PSCA (all program-specific questions must be confirmed with the program). We recognize that this is additional work for you this year. However, the PSCA will ultimately improve the residency application process, which needs significant changes.  The PSCA is now open, and all application materials will be transmitted to the above programs on October 21, 2020, in parallel with ERAS. You may access the application at the link below. Attached is a document with more specific details. For questions and concerns about the PSCA, please contact and  

Good luck with this application cycle!    


Plastic Surgery Common Application – Common Questions  

1.     What are the important dates for the PSCA? 

The PSCA will open on September 14. All applications submitted prior to October 21 will be transmitted to programs at 9:00 AM EST on October 21. Any application submitted afterward will be transmitted to programs within 1 week of submission. The PSCA will close at 11:59 PM EST on December 1.  

2.     Can I save the PSCA and return later?

Yes, there is a function to save using a return code. If you are unable to access your application for any reason, please reach out for assistance (contact information below).  

3.     Will programs still review my application if I only apply using ERAS?

With the exception of Vanderbilt University Medical Center, all participating programs will also accept ERAS this cycle. We ask, however, that you also fill out the PSCA to accurately pilot this reform.  

4.     How do I submit Letters of Recommendation using the PSCA?

You will be asked to provide email addresses for up to 3 letter writers. Upon submission, they will automatically receive a link to upload your letter, as well as fill out the ACAPS Standardized Recommendation Form electronically. They will receive weekly reminders to upload your letter, and you will receive a confirmation email once it has been uploaded.  

5.     How do I upload my Dean’s Letter using the PSCA?

Similar to letters of recommendation, you will be asked to provide an email for your Medical Student Affairs office, and they will automatically receive an email with a link to upload. You will receive a confirmation email once it has been uploaded.  

6.     How are my scores and grades verified?

You will be asked to upload PDF copies of your score reports and transcripts in addition to entering them manually. As with many systems in medicine, this process relies on trust. If you are found to have falsified your credentials in any way, we reserve the right to disclose the violation to all program directors.         


For any other questions, please email and