Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Fellowships

Pediatric and Craniofacial Reconstruction  
 Year of Fellowship  Name  Institution
 2017-18  Justin Daggett, M.D. The University of Pittsburgh
 2016-17  Brian Kellogg, M.D.  The Ohio State University
 2015-16  Jessica Ching  Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto)
 2013-14  Jeffrey Cone  Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute
 Hand and Upper Extremity
 Year of Fellowship  Name Institution 
 2013-14  David Plank  University of Pittsburgh
 2013-14  Matthew Hiro  Loyola University
 2012-13  M. Lance Tavana  University of Pittsburgh
Microvascular Reconstructive Surgery 
 Year of Fellowship  Name  Institution
 2015-16  Erin Doren  MD Anderson