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* (Pediatrics Physician Profile)

Terri Ashmeade, MD

Terri Ashmeade, MD

Division Chief, College of Medicine Pediatrics

Contact Info

  • 1 Tampa General Circle
    Suite F 170
    Tampa FL 33606
  • Academic Email:


  • MD, University of Connecticut, 1994

Recent Publications

  • Groer M, Ashmeade T, Duffy A, Morse S, Zaritt J. Changes in the Immune Components of Preterm Human Milk and Associations With Maternal and Infant Characteristics. Journal of Obstetric, gynecologic, and neonatal nursing : JOGNN / NAACOG. , 2016.
  • Groer M, Ashmeade T, Louis-Jacques A, Beckstead J, Ji M. Relationships of Feeding and Mother''s Own Milk with Fecal Calprotectin Levels in Preterm Infants. Breastfeeding Medicine : the official journal of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine. 11: 207-12, 2016.
  • Ashmeade TL, Haubner L, Collins S, Miladinovic B, Fugate K. Outcomes of a Neonatal Golden Hour Implementation Project. American Journal of Medical Quality : the official journal of the American College of Medical Quality. 31(1) : 73-80, 2016.
  • Morse S, Groer M, Shelton MM, Maguire D, Ashmeade T. A Systematic Review: The Utility of the Revised Version of the Score for Neonatal Acute Physiology Among Critically Ill Neonates. The Journal of Perinatal & Neonatal Nursing. 29(4) : 315-44; quiz E2, 2015.
  • Ho TT, Groer MW, Luciano AA, Schwartz A, Ji M, Miladinovic BS, Maheshwari A, Ashmeade TL. Red blood cell transfusions increase fecal calprotectin levels in premature infants. Journal of Perinatology : Official journal of the California Perinatal Association. 35(10) : 837-41, 2015.
  • Fugate K, Hernandez I, Ashmeade T, Miladinovic B, Spatz DL. Improving Human Milk and Breastfeeding Practices in the NICU. Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, and Neonatal nursing : JOGNN / NAACOG. 44(3) : 426-38; quiz E14-5, 2015.
  • Groer MW, Luciano AA, Dishaw LJ, Ashmeade TL, Miller E, Gilbert JA. Development of the preterm infant gut microbiome: a research priority. Microbiome. 2: 38, 2014.
  • Groer M, Duffy A, Morse S, Kane B, Zaritt J, Roberts S, Ashmeade T. Cytokines, Chemokines, and Growth Factors in Banked Human Donor Milk for Preterm Infants. Journal of Human Lactation : official journal of International Lactation Consultant Association. 30(3) : 317-323, 2014.
  • Rubin LP, Chan GM, Barrett-Reis BM, Fulton AB, Hansen RM, Ashmeade TL, Oliver JS, Mackey AD, Dimmit RA, Hartmann EE, Adamkin DH. Effect of carotenoid supplementation on plasma carotenoids, inflammation and visual development in preterm infants. Journal of Perinatology : official journal of the California Perinatal Association. , 2011.
  • Havranek T, Ashmeade TL, Afanador M, Carver JD. Effects of maternal magnesium sulfate administration on intestinal blood flow velocity in preterm neonates. Neonatology. 100(1) : 44-9, 2011.
  • Ashmeade T, Carver JD. Right tracheal bronchus in an infant with congenital diaphragmatic hernia. American Journal of Perinatology. 26(9) : 621-3, 2009.
  • Ashmeade T, Pereda L, Chen M, Carver JD. Longitudinal measurements of bone status in preterm infants. Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology & Metabolism : JPEM. 20(3) : 415-24, 2007.
  • Haubner L, Sullivan J, Ashmeade T, Saste M, Wiener D, Carver J. The effects of maternal dietary docosahexaenoic acid intake on rat pup myelin and the auditory startle response. Developmental Neuroscience. 29(6) : 460-7, 2007.
  • Pereda L, Ashmeade T, Zaritt J, Carver JD. The use of quantitative ultrasound in assessing bone status in newborn preterm infants. Journal of perinatology : official journal of the California Perinatal Association. 23(8) : 655-9, 2003.
  • Ashmeade TL, Wiener D, Barness LA, Carver JD. Transcutaneous absorption of vitamin A in newborn rats. Biology of the Neonate. 78(4) : 304-7, 2000.