Pathology and Cell Biology

Prospective Residents

Graduates of our program pursue fellowship training in all subspecialties of pathology and have directly entered the practice of general pathology in a variety of settings. Residents take elective rotations their PGY 2-4 years to allow for career exploration.

Fellowships By Location

Fellowships Attended by Location: 2010-2021
Tulsa, OK University of Oklahoma
Charleston, SC Medical University of South Carolina
Philadelphia, PA University of Pennsylvania
Tampa, FL Moffitt Cancer Center
Chapel Hill, NC University of North Carolina
Tampa, FL University of South Florida/Hillsborough County ME
New York, NY NYC MEO Office
Rochester, MN Mayo Clinic
Gainesville, FL University of Florida
Nashville, TN Vanderbilt
Birmingham, AL University of Alabama
Tampa, FL University of South Florida/MCOM
Columbus, OH Ohio State University
Dallas, TX University of Texas Southwestern
Pittsburg, PA University of Pittsburg
New York, NY Memorial Sloan Kettering
Atlanta, GA Emory University
Galveston, TX University of Texas at Galveston
Little Rock, AK University of Arkansas


Fellowships By Specialty

Fellowship Positions Chosen by Subspecialty 2010-2021
Forensic Pathology 5
SP-Breast 2
Cytology 4
SP-General 8
Dermatopathology 6
Hematopathology 6
Molecular 1
Head & Neck 1
Hematopathology 6
No Fellowship 2
Bone and Soft Tissue 1