Pathology and Cell Biology

Independent Study in Anatomy

MEL 9999A (Senior Elective)


At the end of this elective period, students should be able to:

  1. Develop an independent plan of study based on anatomical sciences
  2. Explore Research topics that explain/and or expand on the anatomic basis for disease processes
  3. Construct a research paper from the collected data and conduct critical analysis
  4. Develop analytical skills to decipher relevant facts for lifelong learning in the practice of medicine.


Students are expected to document their findings in a methodical manner that addresses the hypothesis or the original idea of this study.

Specifics of the Topic of Study

Topics of the study are expected to be original and preferably pertain to clinical anatomy or innovative ways of teaching anatomy: virtual and other computerized teaching modules, procedure or ultrasound-based anatomy.

Students may also choose topics significant in the clinical application of anatomy that pertain to the student's specific field of residency


Grading will be based on completion of the assignments, quality of work/effort and extent of applicability to the field of Anatomy

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Arslan via email: or call directly: 813-974-0636.