Pathology and Cell Biology

Advanced Human Anatomy

BMS 7187 (Senior Elective)


At the end of this elective period, students should be able to:

  1. Perform an in-depth study of Anatomy as it relates to surgical and other clinically relevant disciplines
  2. Enhance teaching through interactive laboratory settings
  3. Integrate basic and clinical science into formatted, case-based presentations
  4. Broaden the understanding of the delicate relationships between anatomical structures
  5. Correlate the structural organization of the human body to the interpretation of disease processes


Students are required to submit 5 PowerPoint presentations using the below specifications and assist in teaching 1st year medical students in a laboratory setting and/or participate in the preparation of prosected specimens.

PowerPoint Presentation Specifics

  1. A minimum of 12 slides each and a balanced amount of text, data, and images is required for each of the PowerPoint Presentations.
  2. Presented topics should be in case-based format and should contain case history, manifestations, differential diagnosis, discussion and therapeutic methodologies with some references.
  3. Inclusion of anatomically relevant cases that relate to the student's area of residency interest is encouraged.

Lab Specifics

Please be prepared to assist first year medical students in the laboratory by reviewing the laboratory guide and atlas prior to each scheduled laboratory session.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Arslan via email: or call directly: 813-974-0636.