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About Neuropsychologists

What is a Clinical Neuropsychologist?

A Clinical Neuropsychologist is a licensed psychologist specializing in the area of brain-behavior relationships. 

The Neuropsychologist has specialty training in:

  • Neuropsychology
  • Brain anatomy
  • Brain function
  • Brain injury and
  • Brain recovery.

The clinical neuropsychologist uses neurological, cognitive, behavioral, psychological, and physiological principles, techniques, and tests to evaluate neurocognitive functioning (how well you process information), behavioral functioning (how well you can complete day to day activities), and emotional functioning (how you are feeling).

Clinical Neuropsychologists use this knowledge to assist in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of patients with:

  • Neurological diseases and acquired brain injuries (involving the brain and nerves),
  • Neurodevelopmental problems (how the brain/nervous system develops and changes as people age),
  • Psychiatric illnesses, and secondary to a neurodegenerative disease process, cognitive sequelae, or any other cerebral insult and/or injury
  • Other medical conditions (i.e., organ transplant candidates, heart disease, autoimmune diseases).