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Medical Students

MCOM Courses

Morsani students have several opportunities to incorporate neurosurgery into their coursework. Students are encouraged to speak with their faculty advisors regarding their interests and career goals. For students applying to neurological surgery residency, electives in neurosurgery will be a key component of preparation and application to residency.

  • Available to MSII students as an elective subspecialty focus during Doctoring Course BMS 6826. Students will gain hands-on experience, additional clinical skills practice, and an early introduction to neurosurgery. 

    Please direct logistical/administrative inquiries to Course Coordinator Courtney Johns-Rejano

  • This course is open to MSIV students interested in exploring research in neurosciences and can be tailored to the individual student's interests and needs. Students will identify a specific research topic of interest, whether independently, or in collaboration with ongoing research in the Neurosurgery and Brain Repair Department. Students will work with a specific faculty member, appropriate to their area of interest.

  • Individually focused neurosurgical study based on student interests under the mentorship and guidance of department faculty. Students should coordinate with their faculty advisor to complete the Independent Study Application form.

  • Open to MSIV Morsani students this course will provide clinical experience during which the student will work under the supervision of the residents, fellows, and attending faculty of the Department of Neurosurgery and Brain Repair. This will be a concentrated experience in the diagnosis and management of neurosurgical disorders, including cerebrovascular disorders, brain tumors, spine, and peripheral nerve disorders, and trauma-related injuries.

    This course is designed to offer students a well-rounded foundation in neurosurgery, with time dedicated to:

    • Working with inpatients of the neurosurgery wards and Neuro-critical Care Unit at Tampa General Hospital.
    • Learning and participating in minor procedures (lumbar punctures, arterial lines, EVDs, etc.).
    • Gaining experience in the OR, assisting with basic opening and closing for procedures, and observing critical portions of surgeries.
    • Working in the ambulatory clinics at USF Health South Tampa Center developing skills for outpatient clinical assessment and care of neurosurgical patients.
    • Participating in clinical and educational conferences. 

    Visiting Students interested in completing an externship in Neurological Surgery should refer to the VSAS application process, course code MEL7320V.