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Heart Institute

USF Heart Institute

Clinical Research & Technology Transfer

The research activities of the Heart Institute will evolve along selected complementary paths that include basic science, translational science, clinical research, and technology transfer, all of which are aimed at the practical application of fundamental knowledge gained in the research environment. The establishment of core facilities and laboratories to support research, the development of new research programs, and the hiring of new personnel and research scientists will contribute to the growth and success of a number of new Centers of Excellence described below.

  •   Clinical trials: We will contribute to the advancement of new diagnostic devices and therapies for heart failure and vascular diseases by conducting clinical trials of our own new agents and technologies, and those of partnering pharmaceutical company, for preventing and treating heart failure, stroke, and atherosclerosis
    • We will establish a “Center For Cardiovascular Health (CCH)” in the new Water Street College of Medicine building with easy access for volunteers and patients staffed by nurses and physicians trained in clinical research and outfitted with state of the art clinical imaging and testing equipment
    • Learn more about our clinical research expertise.
  •   Entrepreneurship: We will promote new affiliations with industry, venture groups, and mentoring partners that can help move our fundamental and translational discoveries into clinical development for regulatory approval (i.e., “bench to bedside” technology transfer)
    • We will set up a new “Office for Cardiovascular Technology Translation (OCT2)” within the Heart Institute designed explicitly to promote our ideas and to reach out to interested parties locally and nationally with the goal of facilitating development of intellectual property, and fostering new company growth in Tampa by assisting with expert business mentoring, funding, and company management