USF Heart Institute

Clinical Research Expertise

Atrial Fibrillation and Stroke

USF Cardiovascular Sciences department has wealth of expertise in the area of atrial fibrillation with one of the largest Electrophysiology services in the area. Along with our USF Health Stroke team, USF Health Cardiology physicians are developing a variety of studies examining better diagnosis for atrial fibrillation and reduction of stroke risk.  The research that we are conducting in this area has the potential to improve the current treatment guidelines across the nation.


USF Cardiovascular Sciences department along with Moffitt Cancer Center has developed the only Cardio-Oncology program in Florida. Dr. Fradley has focused his expertise on preventing and treating the Cardio-toxic effects that can occur with cancer treatments. This is an area of developing research as more patients are now surviving cancer only to develop life threatening cardiovascular diseases.

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement

The Tampa General Hospital valve program, led by the University of South Florida Cardiovascular Disease department, was created in 2014 and since its implementation over 150 patients have received aortic and mitral valve procedures. Physicians from an array of specialties including interventional cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery and advanced cardiac imaging meet weekly to discuss cases and perform procedures in a multi-disciplinary setting. Development of the transcatheter valve program provides a less invasive but effective treatment option for patients with severe valvular disease that were previously deemed to high risk to undergo surgery. This innovative program leads our community in emerging techniques in cardiovascular care and has overall enhanced the care of patients in the Tampa Bay area.

Heart Failure

USF Cardiovascular Sciences along with Tampa General Hospital have one of the most comprehensive heart failure programs. The physicians from USF and TGH work closely together in developing innovative technology and medicine to manage, prolong and improve the life of patients with heart failure.

Coronary Blockages and Stents

USF Cardiovascular Sciences has extensive expertise in the area of interventional medicine. The team is has been on the forefront of emerging sciences in device and stent placement technology. Our doctors helped develop the newer absorbable stents and are experts at placement before ever approved for general use. They are leaders in the placement of mitral clips for valvular diseases. They are currently working on new less invasive devices that will improve the quality and extension of life for subjects who have uncontrolled hypertension or congestive heart failure.