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Residency Program


K. Paul Boyev, MD

Message from the Program Director

The goal of our training program is to prepare residents to function independently and expertly in the prevention and management of diseases and disorders in the field of otolaryngology. The Otolaryngology residency program consists of five years of special, comprehensive education in medical and surgical management of patients of all ages while simultaneously providing a protected period for research. Training occurs on the public and private service of four affiliated institutions - Tampa General Hospital; James A. Haley Veterans' Hospital; H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute and Nemours Children's Specialty Care at Wolfson Children's Hospital.

We also take great pride in our resident cohort and the sense of family that they demonstrate. Our residents show a great deal of camaraderie and work hard to nurture a caring and uplifting work environment. We seek out candidates who will fit in well with our residents and thrive in this environment. All across our nation, hundreds of residents strive towards baseline management and competency as practicing otolaryngologists. The University of South Florida takes pride in providing residents with the utmost hands-on training and patient management that will shape them into formidable clinicians.

K. Paul Boyev, MD
Associate Professor and Program Director

Residency Overview

Otolaryngology residency program

Our Otolaryngology Residency consists of a comprehensive five-year training program, focused on diseases & disorders impacting the ears, nose, throat, neck, and maxillofacial region. Our goal is to produce residents after this 5-year period who are able to function independently & expertly in the prevention, diagnosis, medical and surgical management of otolaryngologic disorders in patents of all ages. Our key competitive advantage is a robust and diverse clinical and surgical experience at four distinct training institutions.

In addition to the strong medical & surgical training you will gain at USF, we are also dedicated to providing a well-rounded residency education. This includes, a weekly didactic schedule, multiple tumor boards & other clinical conferences, department funded training courses (both local and regional), & exposure state, regional and national academic conferences.

Our department has a commitment to resident research pursuits, providing 5 months of dedicated research time during PGY3 and PGY4 years. To help guide ongoing research efforts a dedicated support staff is available. Quarterly research work in progress sessions are held with all departmental faculty to ensure all resident research/educational needs are being met and to provide an open forum for those needing to brainstorm new projects or seeking assistance. We believe this creates an open and collaborative environment that will hopefully foster any academic pursuit.

Ongoing educational opportunities:

  • Hands on training (including cadaveric courses) in fields such as sinus surgery, trauma plating, soft tissue reconstruction, and in-office procedures.
  • All PGY-3 residents are supported to attend the AAO-HNS meeting.
  • Department funding/assistance to all academic conferences where resident work is presented.
  • Support to attend the annual Florida Combined Otolaryngology meeting (often held at beautiful beach resorts).
  • Annual temporal bone course with temporal bone lab availability on request.
  • Weekly didactic conference.
  • Provided Otolaryngology textbook (traditionally Bailey’s) as well as no-cost texts in maxillofacial trauma.
  • Large volume of electronic resources (e.g. textbooks, E-journals, Qbanks) available through the USF and VA networks. in addition to large volume of textbooks available electronically via USF and VA networks.