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Current Research

2024 Bridge2AI – Voice Symposium

Registration is now open for the 2024 Bridge2AI – Voice Symposium!

Join us on May 1 - 2, 2024 at the JW Marriott on Water Street in Tampa, FL, for two immersive days of voice AI research, dynamic discussions, and networking opportunities.

Bringing together scientists, ethicists, advocates, patients, clinicians, and technology experts, all with a shared passion for the transformative potential of voice biomarkers in health care.

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Research Labs

Auditory Rehabilitation and Clinical Trials Lab

Auditory Rehabilitation and Clinical Trials Laboratory

The Auditory Rehabilitation and Clinical Trials (ARCT) Lab conducts studies in the areas of diagnostics, hearing health disparities, speech perception, cognition, and hearing rehabilitation through hearing aids and investigational medications. Our mission is to advance knowledge through interdisciplinary teaching, research, and service that improves the capacity of individuals, families, and diverse communities to promote productive, satisfying, healthy, and safe lives across the lifespan.
(813) 974-1262
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Voice Collab.AI

VoiceCollab Research Lab

The VoiceCollab Research Lab at USF was created and led by Dr. Yael Bensoussan. This is the first and only Voice Center and research lab of its kind in the area. This lab focuses on voices in research that will improve the standard of care and tools available for clinicians and researchers' generations to come. The VoiceCollab is a collaborative of clinicians and researchers joining forces to contribute to Artificial Intelligence laryngology research and promote application of deep learning models to the laryngology field. It will provide clinicians with a novel tool, the app, that will permit to collect, store, and analyze voice and laryngeal exams to contribute to AI research.

(813) 974-0700

USF Green Auditory Physiology Lab

Auditory Physiology Lab

The mission of the USF Health Auditory Physiology Laboratory is to improve the application of clinical otology and audiology through advanced research of the ear.  With this mission in mind, our laboratory leverage animal models in addition to human participants.

Our laboratory is led by Principal Investigator Jeffery T. Lichtenhan, PhD, who is an experienced researcher that works to identify the origins of physiologic measurements from normal and diseased ears. Physiologic measurements from the ear are routinely used to assess and study hearing in the clinic and in the laboratory. However, these measurements are limited because little has been discovered about their cellular origins and contributing mechanisms.  

Our research uses innovative approaches to address questions related to the origins of objective measurements of hearing in normal and diseased ears.