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Academic medicine means better health care  

From advancing the limits of research to meeting the urgent demand for solutions in the wake of a pandemic, USF Health is at the forefront of medicine. We are the only academic medical center on the west coast of Florida, and every day we are making major advances in twenty-first century education, research and clinical practice. Teaming up with our local, state and federal government, USF continues to meet the everchanging needs of our community and global academic forum during the COVID-19. Through the Power of Academic Medicine, we are having a profound impact on our local community. 

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Discover Better Health Care

Why Us?

Because we will make your life better. At USF Health, you will have access to state-of-the-art medicine and treatment, administered by over 900 highly specialized health care professionals. As an academic medical center, we deliver the highest quality service with the most innovative technologies, providing resources few other physician groups can offer—all this while leading the way in life-changing research and training the next generation of medical professionals. How big of a difference does Academic Medicine make? Let us show you.

Why academic medicine?

  • Because of Excellence: Academic medical centers attract the most prestigious faculty and highest caliber physicians. These professionals are at the top of their fields and represent the very pinnacle of medical success and academic merit.
  • Because of Innovation and Research: Academic medical centers possess the latest cutting-edge clinical trials and the world’s most innovative treatments. Nearly every new medicine, treatment, and cure was discovered by Academic Medical Center physicians and researchers.
  • Because of Expertise: No other institutions can attract as highly qualified physicians as Academic Medical Centers, allowing them to offer an impressive array of diverse specializations in one place to treat every possible health condition.
  • Because of Outcomes: High-quality, patient-centered care is the overriding principle of health professionals, and studies consistently show that academic medical centers demonstrate superior patient outcomes compared to other multispecialty practices.
  • Because of YOU: In the end, you are the best advocate for your own health care, and you are choosing the expert physicians who will care for you and your families. With their superior resources, physicians, and patient outcomes, academic medical centers are the best institutions for safeguarding and protecting your health.

Why YOU benefit from USF Health

National studies show that patients fare better at academic medical centers, which typically treat some of the sickest patients and toughest medical cases. Because of their commitment to innovation and the latest advances, academic medical centers provide patients access to the newest, cutting-edge treatments by clinics and hospitals linked to a college of medicine. And, by attracting the brightest minds and most accomplished names in the medical field, academic centers provide world-renown research and top-of-the-line clinical care.

Not only do academic medical centers benefit patients, but they also leave a vast economic impact on the communities they serve, due to a center’s hiring, buying, and building power. The value of USF Health, the region’s only academic medical center, to the well-being of Tampa Bay is immense.  Our success is Tampa’s success. Why?

More Discovery: Academic medical centers are on the forefront of medical discoveries, transforming them to superior bedside patient care.

More Education: Academic medical centers and their affiliated clinical sites train the physicians and health care industry leaders of tomorrow.

More Resources: Academic medical centers present their local communities with unmatched health technology and educational resources for serving their patients.

More Economic Impact: Academic medical centers often rank among the largest employers of their region and pay more in $430 million in annual payroll, and receive more than $101 million in annual funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to advance biomedical research.

USF Health:

At USF Health, we serve over 1 million patients annually, offering over 900 health professionals with 30+ specialty areas. We are national leaders in education and research, boasting highly ranked academic programs and millions of dollars in research funding and expenditures. Our physicians are committed to lifelong learning and interprofessionalism, constantly pushing the boundaries of knowledge and innovation, while working across specialty to ensure a collaborative experience for all patients. With our close relationship with Tampa General Hospital, we are embarking on a bold new path to become Florida’s leading academic medical center, bringing the best doctors, technology, and clinical care to Tampa Bay. Everything we do—our patient care, innovation, research, education, and discovery—is done to accomplish one overriding goal: making your life better!



USF Health Briefs: How COVID-19 impacts the way we live, work and access health care

Dr. Charles Lockwood: USF Health leads during pandemic.

Dr. Mark Moseley: Keeping patients connected to care using telehealth.

Dr. Terri Ashmeade: Ensuring patient safety in our clinics.

Dr. Bryan Bognar: Medical education successes and challenges.

Dr. Stephen Liggett: How COVID-19 has changed how we conduct research.

Dr. Jackie Reyes Hull: How the daily work life has changed for faculty and staff.

Invents: 3D printed nasal swabs: To date, the USF-patented design has produced nearly 70 million swabs in over 50 countries, helping address worldwide critical shortages of test kit swabs.


Serves: County testing sites: At our own time and expense, USF Health volunteers staffed 3 of 6 Hillsborough County sites testing for COVID-19.


Discovers: Novavax clinical trial: USFHealth and Tampa General Hospital are testing Novavax vaccine as part of the global search for a safe and effective vaccine to prevent COVID-19.    


Connects: Telehealth: A quick ramp-up of telehealth capabilities in March has kept USF Health patients connected with their healthcare teams. Since then, patients have completed more than 134,000 telehealth visits with USF Health providers.    


Teaches: Explaining the science of vaccine: Once vaccines began rolling out, USF Health virologist Michael Teng shared details on mRNA and the science behind the vaccines making their way to our families.          


Monitors: Keeping a pulse on the virus: Launched in March 2020, when the reality of the pandemic was apparent, USF Health’s Christian Bréchot shared insight into the infection and its progress across the globe.    


Trains: College of Nursing launches COVID training program for nurses: New free, four-part webinar series prepares the nursing workforce by offering COVID-focused continuing education series designed to help nurses stay safe while treating patients during the pandemic.


Alerts: Preparing hospitals for ICU capacity: USF Health’s Tom Unnasch developed a model showing how local intensive care units in area hospitals would struggle with the volume of patients coming to the ER severely ill and needing hospitalization.    


Projects: Using data to determine infection rates: Data models are also helping with infection projections. USF Health’s Edwin Michael developed the SEIRcast COVID-19 Forecasting and Planning, and has been able to show how our behaviors, such as social distancing and wearing masks, are impacting future infection rates.