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Diagnostic Imaging

USF Health Radiology and Imaging offers a comprehensive approach and state of the art diagnostic imaging techniques.  At USF Health, we provide a multidisciplinary approach to diagnostics, which eases the burden on the patient to coordinate their medical care.

Our providers work to together to bring you the most complete care.  Our services include:

• Bone Density test -  is designed to measure the strength or fragility of bones and determine if you have osteoporosis.

• CT or CAT Scan – (Computer Tomography) is an x-ray procedure used to look for masses and to asses causes of fractures, pain, infections, blockages, and stones.

• Diagnostic X-Ray – is the most traditional form of diagnostics simply known as an x-ray, which is 2 dimensional image. X-rays are images used to investigate bones and soft tissue to determine   a diagnosis.

• Fluoroscopy – is a type of x-ray that captures a moving image within the body. Certain medical procedures incorporate fluoroscopy as a diagnostic tool for exploratory surgeries.

• MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) – radio and magnetics are used during an MRI to diagnose various conditions from tumors to spinal cord injuries, and can also be used to gauge a patient’s   response to treatment. Unlike the CT scan an MRI does not use radiation.

• PET (Positron Emission Tomography) Scan - can detect the early onset of disease at the cellular level by using small amounts radiotracers (radioactive materials), a computer and a special      camera. 

• Ultrasound (Also known as Sonography) - uses sound waves to produce pictures inside of the body.  Unlike traditional x-rays this process does not involve the use ionizing radiation.


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