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Corneal Transplant

At the USF Health Eye Institute, our ophthalmologists are internationally recognized for their ground-breaking research and expertise in the latest techniques for all forms of corneal transplantation.

If your cornea becomes damaged or scarred, you may need a corneal transplant. The cornea, known as the front window to the eye, focuses light into the eye enabling us to see. Its soft layers work together to provide clear vision and eye protection.

A corneal transplant involves removing the diseased cornea and replacing it with a healthy cornea from a human donor. In some cases, only the front and middle layers of the cornea need replacing.

A candidate for a corneal transplant is someone who:

  • Has a genetic eye disease
  • Experienced infections resulting in corneal ulcers or sores
  • Is experiencing thinning, clouding of the cornea
  • Developed complications from an earlier eye procedure
  • Has keratoconus (medical condition which causes the cornea to bulge out)