Website Guidelines 

There are two main categories of websites at USF Health:

Morsani College of Medicine (MCOM) Education and Research:
All content under for Education and for Research

Patient Care:
All content under

Content Management System 

The USF Health websites are managed through Sitecore, a Content Management System (CMS) that incorporates technology enabling the implementation of accessibility standards as required by law and is approved by the digital communications team at USF Health.

Website Guidelines

At USF Health, our goal is to facilitate a strong user experience by optimizing functionality, high impact imagery, and consistent branded messaging. To maintain this brand consistency and ensure a uniform user experience, we have adopted the following guidelines for building, maintaining, editing and curating content on USF Health website pages.

Administration and enforcement of these standards is based in USF Health Communications and Marketing, and are in accordance with university guidelines and policies.

Designated staff, who become Sitecore certified will be eligible for the Point of Contact (POC) team within Patient Care and MCOM. The POC team can update and make minor revisions to their respective content, but must work with the USF Health digital team. For assistance with the web contact us at

The Role of the Point of Contact Team

To help ensure brand consistency and current content on the USF Health web pages.

To serve as a liaison between the departments and the USF Health digital communications team and USF Health Technical Support at to update both the Patient Care website and the MCOM website.

To contact the digital communications team when more extensive revisions to the website are required.

To contact IT, when assistance or revisions to the website are needed. 

Requirements to Serve as a Point of Contact (POC)

To serve as a member of the POC team, department staff are designated by the department chair or administrator. Sitecore training and certification are required to act as a department POC.

The Sitecore certification process includes:

Requesting a spot at a SiteCore training session, the candidate must submit an e-mail to IT at Please include the department name in the registration request.

The candidate must attend one Sitecore training session. The sessions will now be held virtually, and quarterly. To reserve a seat please contact IT.  

After the Sitecore training session, the candidate for POC will be required to successfully complete a test that shows competency in Sitecore to gain certification. We recommend completing the test immediately. 

Responsibilities of a Point of Contact 

The POC team is responsible for maintaining factual accuracy and adding new information to department website pages such as:

• New Phone Numbers

• Location Changes

• Adding Providers

• Patient Resources- Forms- BOX  Links to resources

• Photo submissions, if a POC is submitting original images (photos not created by the USF Multi Media Journalist team or staff), please include a completed USF Photo-Video Release Form

• Content Submission - If a USF Health department is requesting a major revision to the website, the POC will gather information from the experts in their departments and submit content to the USF Health digital communications team.

All submissions are subject to approval by the USF Health digital communications team.

The digital team is responsible for the development and refinement of the content and image selection for the USF Health website.

• Slideshows will no longer be added to the websites, and those that have been grandfathered in will be replaced with a still image.

• Department group photos and/or department class photos will no longer be added or accepted on the website.   

For Questions and troubleshooting Sitecore

Once a POC has received their Sitecore certification, access is provided to make changes to the USF Health Patient Care and MCOM websites. For issues, concerns or questions please contact the USF Health digital communications team at

If technical support is necessary submit a ticket to USF Health Technical Support, at When submitting a ticket to IT requesting assistance, we recommend taking a screen shot of with the page that requires edits and reference the url’s for clarity.