Billing Integrity Orientation

All newly credentialed USF Health providers must attend Billing Integrity Orientation. Training is held virtually via Microsoft Teams. New providers must complete an online questionnaire to begin the scheduling process.

Compliance training

All USF Health workforce members (faculty, staff, trainees, volunteers) are required to complete certain courses within 10 days of hire and then annually thereafter. These courses are hosted in our online learning management system, SABA ( After logging in, required courses will be automatically assigned to you and visible on your dashboard. Questions regarding SABA access/technical support should be directed to (813) 974-4357.

Documentation & Coding

The PIO has developed educational materials, such as CURE notes, to assist in complying with supervision, documentation and coding requirements. 


Billing Integrity Advisory Committee (BIAC)

The Billing Integrity Advisory Committee was established September 2012 and serves as an advisory committee to the USF Health Compliance Officer/Associate Director, Professional Integrity Program (CO) and USF Health senior leadership. The BIAC is a work group that develops and/or provides input on proposed billing integrity standards, training and monitoring programs; and identifies and provides advice regarding billing integrity issues and technology decisions. The overall goal is to ensure institutional compliance with Medicare, Medicaid and other payer regulations and requirements, as well as with industry standards

Independent Audit Committee (USFHC/UMSA/MSSC/UHSSO)

The Audit Committee has authority and responsibility to review the quality and integrity of the Professional Integrity Program, in particular those matters that pose any risk to the integrity of the financial reporting process or reports. The PIO provides periodic and annual reports to the Committee inclusive of findings, management responses and corrective action plans.

USF Compliance & Ethics

The USF Health Compliance Officer has reporting accountability to the USF Chief Compliance Officer pursuant to the USF Compliance & Ethics Program Plan as approved by the USF Board of Trustees on June 8, 2017. Reporting is periodic and annual inclusive of investigatory findings, risks, training, monitoring and corrective actions.