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Professional Integrity Office

Code of Conduct

The USF Health Code of Conduct (Code) provides guidance for faculty, staff, residents, and other trainees in choosing the right action or decision. It sets forth the basic expectations for personal and professional behavior that all members of the USF Health community should follow. Especially when faced with a difficult situation or decision, consider and apply the following principles.

R - Responsibility

Ensure that all our activities are in accordance with applicable policies, professional standards, laws and regulations.

  • Everyone is responsible for his or her own conduct and actions.
  • Know and comply with the laws, regulations, standards and policies that apply to your duties.
  • When in doubt about right or appropriate action, check it out by contacting your supervisor, Department Chair or Division Director, as applicable, call the Helpline at (813) 974-2222 or visit the USF Health Professional Integrity Office website.
  • Promptly report any possible violations of law or improper activity to a supervisor or call the Helpline at (813) 974-2222.

I - Integrity

Be honest and trustworthy, do what we promise, and stand for what is right.

  • Accurately and honestly represent USF Health and never engage in any activity intended to defraud anyone of money, property or services.
  • Prevent conflicts of interest by avoiding, or making appropriate disclosure of, any relationship, influence or activity that might impair, or even appear to impair, our ability to make objective and fair decisions.
  • Perform all contracted services in compliance with contract specifications and requirements.
  • Conduct all business transactions free from offers or solicitation of gifts and favors or other improper inducements.
  • Do not offer or accept any payments (including cash, gifts, discounts, and/or supplies) for referring patients or providing healthcare services.

G - Good Business Practices

Conduct our business accurately, efficiently and safely; and actively protect and safeguard our assets.

  • Ensure appropriate internal controls are in place and are working to safeguard assets.
  • Ensure a safe environment by using care and good judgment to avoid hazards and report or correct dangerous conditions.
  • Actively protect and safeguard confidential, sensitive and proprietary information.
  • Ensure accuracy of research billing and financial reports, and promptly correct any errors.
  • Accurately and timely report services provided and payments received for clinical research.
  • Be accurate and timely in documenting, coding, billing and collecting for patient services.
  • Bill only for patient services that are medically necessary and comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards.

H - High Quality

Provide high quality education, research, and patient care; and apply best practices in all we do.

  • Never ignore an error that affects our quality, and inform those who need to know.
  • Seek to identify areas needing improvement and communicate positive suggestions.
  • Ensure that all duties are performed by properly trained and, when applicable, licensed/credentialed individuals.
  • Ensure appropriate supervision of services provided by trainees.
  • Assure patients receive appropriate care.

T - Trust

Demonstrate respect and consideration of others, and treat everyone with dignity and fairness.

  • Treat everyone with dignity and fairness.
  • Listen and do our best to understand the needs of others and promptly assist in solving problems and questions.
  • Never engage in harassment or discrimination of any kind.
  • Hire, promote and compensate employees based on their qualifications and performance in accordance to University guidelines.