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In collaboration with USF Health Leadership, USF Compliance & Ethics and USF Office of the General Counsel, the USF Health Professional Integrity Office (“PIO”) is a resource to the USF Health community focusing on Billing Integrity and HIPAA Privacy compliance related to patient care activities.  Org chart 

The PIO utilizes the seven fundamental elements of an effective compliance program as the backbone of our program: 

(1) implementing written policies, procedures and standards of conduct; (2) establishing compliance oversight; (3) developing effective lines of communication and screening; (4) conducting effective training and education; (5) conducting internal monitoring and auditing; (6) enforcing standards through well-publicized disciplinary guidelines; and (7) responding promptly to detected offenses and undertaking corrective actions.   

Responding to Governmental Investigations

USF Health is committed to cooperating with governmental investigations. Unless compelled by a valid court order, employees are not required to, however, may choose to speak to individuals representing federal or law enforcement agencies. Employees who receive a call or visit from a law enforcement officer or an investigator are encouraged to be truthful;  obtain a business card from the investigator and ask to see their ID; contact USF General Counsel (813) 974-2131; and ask to schedule the interview during normal hours, accompanied by USF GeneralCounsel.  

Code of Conduct 

The USF Health Code of Conduct  provides guidance for faculty, staff, residents, and other trainees in choosing the right action or decision. It sets forth the basic expectations for personal and professional behavior that all members of the USF Health community should follow. 

Conflicts of Interest 

A conflict of interest occurs when an individual, including his or her immediate family, or an institution enters into any type of relationship that interferes with or compromises, or gives the appearance of compromising, the professional judgment or obligations of the individual or institution. A conflict of interest also may arise if there is a conflict of commitment such that outside activities interfere with the primary obligation of the individual to his or her employer. Any conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest must be fully disclosed, evaluated and, if necessary, managed, reduced or eliminated.

Reporting Concerns

USF Health community members have a duty to report any possible violations of law, policies and/or the Code of Conduct. 

A. The USF Health Helpline provides an avenue to ask questions about policies, best practices and/or regulations applicable to 

USF Health activities or voice concerns over possible violations. The Helpline is staffed by the Professional Integrity Office during normal

business hours at  (813) 974-2222 or piohelp@health.usf.edu 

B. The University provides a hotline for anonymous reporting of activities which may involve misconduct, fraud, abuse, 

and other violations of USF policies. EthicsPoint is staffed by a third party vendor and available 24/7 

by calling (866) 974-8411 or reports can be made online.

All reports of potential problems shall be taken seriously and handled in the strictest confidence. The University of South Florida 

and the USF Health are a committed to ensuring that anyone can raise concerns without fear of being disciplined or retaliated 

against for doing the RIGHT thing. We only ask that you provide us details concerning the facts of the possible violation(s). 

For more information, please see 

Policy 0-020, USF Retaliation, Retribution or Reprisals and USF Health Care’s Retaliation Prohibited. 

USF Health actively reviews and addresses all concerns raised. The initial response is to explore the issue and identify actual problem(s); 

provide any indicated training or clarification; and develop or initiate corrective actions.  Corrective actions may include implementing system changes to prevent similar problems from recurring, making prompt restitution of any over payments, notifying appropriate parties of the error or violation, and/or disciplinary action.

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Face-to-face Billing Integrity Orientation 

In addition to the online training,  physician faculty members and other healthcare professionals must attend a face-to-face Billing Integrity Orientation session. Training is held on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at the Professional Integrity Office (PIO) located in the University Professional Center building at 3500 E. Fletcher Ave., Suite 301. This training is scheduled for new faculty physicians as part of the on-boarding process. Other healthcare professionals may contact the PIO at
(813) 974-2222 to schedule. 

Please note: You must be credentialed with USFH prior to scheduling/attending this orientation session. 

Additional Information: This training should be completed as close as possible to the start of clinical activities, but no greater than 30 days prior to that date.

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Billing Integrity/Compliance

Compliance Officer & Associate Director

Jamie K. Sotelo, RHIA

(813) 974-8091

Billing Integrity Consultants

Toni Puricelli, CPC 

(813) 974-8006 

Stephanie Ward, CPC, CPMA  

(813) 974-8395  

Pam DeNobile, CCS-P, CPC, 

(813) 974-8092 

HIPAA Privacy

Privacy Officer Associate Director
Civil Rights Coordinator 

Barbara Wolodzko, J.D., LL.M, LL.M

(813) 974-7413

Ben Johnson- Privacy Specialist 

(813) 974-8093 

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