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Undergraduate Programs

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Note: Please refer to the catalog for your academic year. Visit the online Undergraduate Catalog, select the appropriate catalog year, choose the College of Nursing, and select Nursing Programs for more information.

Undergraduate Pathways

USF College of Nursing Undergraduate Second Degree Program

Accelerated Second Degree

The Accelerated Second Degree pathway is designed for students who have a non-nursing bachelor’s degree (in any field) and are interested in pursuing a second degree and a career in nursing. The curriculum is accelerated and completed in four consecutive semesters (including summers). The accelerated program is also highly competitive.

USF College of Nursing Undergraduate RN to BS Program

RN to BSN (Online)

The Fall 2021 admission cycle is the final cycle for the RN to BSN pathway as the college moves to expand its pre-licensure pathways on all campuses to positively impact the escalating nursing shortage.

This option allows students with a completed Associate of Science in Nursing and an RN license to receive a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Also known as RN to BSN, this pathway bridges the content from an AS to a BSN. Students will complete 30 hours of nursing coursework, as well as any remaining general education and state-mandated requirements.

USF College of Nursing Undergraduate Upper Division Program

Upper Division

The Upper Division pathway is designed for students seeking a bachelor’s degree in nursing and is often referred to as a “traditional” program, intended for non-nurses without a prior bachelor’s degree. The program is five consecutive semesters (including summers), and admission is highly competitive.

USF College of Nursing Undergraduate Veteran to BS Program

Veteran to BSN (V-CARE)

The V-CARE pathway offers service members and veterans who have medical training experience as medics or corpsmen the opportunity to receive a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The program is typically completed in four consecutive semesters (including summers) with courses completed full-time on the Tampa campus, and admission is competitive.

Additional Pathways

USF/HCC Concurrent

USF/HCC Concurrent

While the Fall 2021 admission cycle will be the last for the RN-BSN pathway, students already enrolled in the Concurrent program will continue in the program and enroll in USF courses as per their Concurrent program plan.

Also referred to as the AS to BSN program, this is a special option within the RN to BSN pathway. It allows students to enroll in select RN to BSN courses at USF as a non-degree student while completing the AS at Hillsborough Community College. This program is by invitation only to students in the AS program at HCC.

USF College of Nursing Undergraduate Program

Freshman Nursing Pathway

The Freshman Nursing Pathway (FNR) is an option for first time in college (FTIC) students to pursue a nursing degree. Students admitted into this pathway will follow progression criteria established by the College of Nursing to remain in the pathway. 

Other Programs

frontline nursing

Frontline Nursing

A four-part educational webinar series designed to provide frontline nurses with the tools needed to empower them to advocate for their safety and well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic. A maximum of 4.0 contact hours may be earned by learners who successfully complete this continuing nursing education activity.

Your Future

Advanced Degrees

Students with undergraduate degrees in nursing have a world of opportunities ahead of them. One option is to continue their education with an advanced degree from the USF College of Nursing. Programs of study include MSN (with six concentrations to choose from), DNP and PhD.