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Student Organizations

Undergraduate Nursing Student Organizations


College of Nursing Student Council

The College of Nursing Student Council represents undergraduate nursing students. This organization works to promote and facilitate communication and cooperation between the students and faculty. They facilitate communication between College of Nursing students and USF students, to promote the interests of the students of the College, to act as a referral group, and make to make recommendations when deemed appropriate to other committees, groups or individuals.

Future Nurse Practitioners

Future Nurse Practitioners Club

  • Inspire and educate undergraduate students to achieve their advanced practice nursing higher education.
  • Gather nursing students with common career goals.
  • Answer questions about USFÔÇÖs Nurse Practitioner program.
  • Create a subgroup within the College of Nursing for students to build meaningful relationships with faculty and students with common goals.

U.N.I.D.O.S. (Uplifting Nurses in Dreams, Opportunities, and Support)


The mission of U.N.I.D.O.S. is to provide peer relationships, peer-mentoring support, academic and cultural enrichment and information on the nursing profession which serves to enhance the recruitment, retention, and graduation of Hispanic and Latino nursing students. Additional purposes shall include but not be limited to; maintaining awareness of the health status and health care needs of the local and national Hispanic and Latino community and provide voluntary outreach services.

Bull Nurses for Critical Care & Nurse Anesthesiology

Bull Nurses for Critical Care & Nurse Anesthesiology

The goal of this organization is to help members understand the role of an ICU nurse within different specialties of ICU such as Medical, Trauma, Vascular, Burn, Surgical, Cardiovascular/Cardiothoracic, Neurology, Pediatric, and Pediatric Cardiovascular. In addition, the goal of this club is to help members become informed of Nurse Residency Programs within the Tampa area and nationwide that will accept students into the ICU. Secondly, this student organization will provide educational events for the holistic understanding of the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist role. The organization will collaborate with the University of South Florida College of Nursing DNP in the Nurse Anesthesiology Program and its students to set up Q & A events, admissions events, resume/CV events, and student panel events. Lastly, this organization will make a resource website for everyone affiliated with the University of South Florida College of Nursing Programs (Tampa, St. Petersburg, & Sarasota Manatee) to use to find ICU and CRNA resources.

Nursing Students Association at USF
The mission of the Nursing Students’ Association at USF is to promote the practice and advancement of nursing students through educational initiatives, professional networking opportunities, and community outreach services; to provide programs representative of fundamental and current nursing professionals and nursing students interests and concerns; and to aid in the development of the whole person, regardless of persons race, color, creed, sex, lifestyle, national origin, age or economic status.

Stampede Into Bull Nursing
The purpose of Stampede Into Bull Nursing (SIBN) is to provide all students at USF with valuable information about what nursing school is like, guidance on nursing school applications and essays, and what to expect in the nursing field as a profession.

Bulls for Babies
The purpose of this organization is to work with the March of Dimes Foundation, helping raise awareness for premature births, as well as raising money for prevention research projects, by actively engaging in volunteer events and information sessions.

Graduate Nursing Student Organizations

Society of Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Students at USF
The purpose of the A.C.S.@USF student organization is to increase the visibility of the acute care nurse practitioner program at USF and to enhance the ongoing educational and clinical experiences of graduate nurse practitioner students.

Student Registered Nurse Anesthetists (SRNA)
The purpose of the SRNA organization is to promote the professional development, image, and growth of student registered nurse anesthetists at the University of South Florida.

Doctoral Nursing Student Organization
The purpose of the Doctoral Nursing Student Organization is to provide opportunities for interaction among faculty and students, to offer a venue for exchange of scholarly information and ideas and to expand and enhance students' overall graduate education experience.  

Additional Organizations

Sigma Theta Tau International
The mission of the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International, is to support the learning, knowledge, and professional development of nurses committed to making a difference in health worldwide. Many USF faculty, graduates and current students are members of Sigma Theta Tau. USF is part of the local Delta Beta-at-Large Chapter with the University of Tampa.

International Health Service Collaborative (IHSC)
The International Health Service Collaborative is an interdisciplinary organization that includes students from the Colleges of Nursing, Medicine and Public Health. The mission of the organization states that the International Health Service Collaborative is a group of USF Health students, faculty, and professionals focused on:

USF Health Service Corps
The USF Health Service Corps is a USF Health-wide, interdisciplinary student group that enables USF Health students in Medicine, Nursing, Public Health and Physical Therapy to participate in health-related community service activities together. The USF Health Service Corps is sponsored by the USF Area Health Education Center and has its own coordinator, who assists the USF Health students in planning, implementing and evaluating service activities.