Paul Smith

Paul Smith, MD

Professor, College of Medicine Plastic Surgery

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Tampa FL 33606

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  • MD, University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria, 1994

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Recent Publications

  • Parabkaharan S, Melody M, Trotta R, Lleshi A, Sun W, Smith PD, Khakpour N, Dayicioglu D. Comparison of Reconstructive Outcomes in Breast Cancer Patients With Preexisting Subpectoral Implants: Implant-Sparing Mastectomy With Delayed Implant Exchange Versus Immediate Tissue Expander Reconstruction. Annals of plastic surgery. 76 Suppl 4: S332-5, 2016.
  • Mahmood U Suber J Zadikany R Kellogg B Fulp W Laronga C Dayicioglu D Smith PD. Nipple sparing mastectomy via inframammary fold: Reconstructive red flags. Cancer and Clinical Oncology.. 5(1) , 2016.
  • Dossett LA, Lowe J, Sun W, Lee MC, Smith PD, Jacobsen PB, Laronga C. Prospective evaluation of skin and nipple-areola sensation and patient satisfaction after nipple-sparing mastectomy. Journal of Surgical Oncology. 114(1) : 11-6, 2016.
  • Dayicioglu D, Tugertimur B, Munzenmaier K, Khan M, Smith P, Murr M, Kumar A, Khakpour N. Outcomes of Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy Using Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator Flap After Massive Weight Loss. Annals of plastic surgery. 76 Suppl 4: S286-9, 2016.
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