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Educational Initiative on Sickle Cell Trait for the Athletic Population


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The Korey Stringer Institute
Korey Stringer, a Minnesota Vikings offensive lineman, died from exertional heat stroke after a preseason practice session in 2001. Korey’s wife, Kelci founded the Korey Stringer Institute in honor of her late husband. The mission of the Korey Stringer Institute is to provide first-rate information, resources, assistance and advocacy for the prevention of sudden death in sport, especially as it relates to exertional heat stroke.

What Is Sickle Cell Anemia?
This website is hosted by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, links you to their Diseases and Conditions Index (DCI) This Web-based health index gives you a quick and easy way to get complete and dependable information about heart, lung, and blood diseases such as sickle cell disease.

About Sickle Cell Disease
With content provided by a network of practicing physicians, is the trusted source for online health and medical information. This website offers easy-to-read, comprehensive and authoritative medical information on sickle cell disease to help teach patients and family members about their health and illness.

Sickle Cell Anemia Overview
The site is designed primarily for use by qualified physicians and other medical professionals. Medscape from WebMD offers specialists, primary care physicians, and other health professionals the Web's most complete and integrated medical information and educational tools on the topic of interest. The specialty content (i.e., sickle cell disease) found within this website has been evaluated, created, and presented under the guidance of a WebMD program director and a medical professional advisory board.

Sickle Cell Disease Association of America
In 1971, representatives of 15 community sickle cell organizations met in a Racine, Wisconsin conference center. Out of that meeting, the National Association for Sickle Cell Disease was created. The name was changed to Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, Inc. in 1994. In collaboration with SCDAA member organizations and other stakeholder groups, SCDAA's national efforts involve six broad areas of emphasis: research, public health education, professional health education, patient services, community services and support to global organizations and practitioners. These are addressed in detail within the organizations website.

Sickle Cell Information for Kids
The most entertaining and informative Sickle Cell site for children on the Web.

Sickle Cell Anemia on Teenshealth
Information on this website is provided at a level suitable for the teen reader who wishes to learn more about sickle cell disease.

Do You Know About Sickle Cell Anemia?
This kid inspired website presents details of sickle cell disease at a level appropriate for the young reader.

Sickle Cell Anemia Information for Parents
The information provided on this website is for the parent who is either a carrier of the disease or has a child with sickle cell disease and wishes to learn more about this condition.

Sickle Cell Anemia Support
This website provides quality health information, supportive communities, and in-depth reference material about sickle cell disease. Content found on WebMD is provided by individuals who hold advanced degrees in journalism, medical illustration, health communications, clinical informatics, nursing, and medicine. WebMD verifies the qualifications of all medical professionals on the site; including health professionals, experts, editorial professionals and contributors with a specialty license so you can be assured of obtaining the highest quality, most credible and engaging information available on sickle cell disease. In addition to providing health news for the public, this website also offers quality medical graphics and animations, as well as live web events and interactive tools.

Information Center for Sickle Cell and Thalassemic Disorders
The information provided at this website is a free service to the biomedical community and is most suitable for the medical practitioner. The goal is to provide a source of current information on sickle cell disease, thalassemia, and disorders of iron metabolism. The site includes overviews of basic and clinical research, as well as extensive information on management and new developments in the field.

Living with Sick Cell
Living with Sickle Cell is an organization designed to provide awareness and support for Sickle Cell Disease. It offers, via its website, services to Sickle Cell patients and at-risk families through programs, education and support resources.