Sports Medicine Fellowship

Performance Evaluation

Evaluation is done by the faculty of the fellow and by the fellow of the faculty. 

Semiannual written evaluations, based on the ACGME core competencies, from each faculty member responsible for fellow education will be reviewed by the program director. Competencies include clinical and surgical skills progress and interactions with peers and co-workers. If performance and/or attitude concerns are raised at any time during the year and conveyed to the director, a formal meeting will be conducted with the fellow to address the issues. 

The fellow will be asked to submit a written evaluation after each rotation to the program director. In order to protect confidentiality, the fellows will use the same form that the orthopaedic residents use. Input would be sought on the quality of the educational, clinical, and operative experience. These evaluations would be discussed by the attending faculty and kept confidential, and utilized to enhance the fellow's experience when indicated.