SCI Fellowship Program

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Shereena Farrington
Program Administrator

Education & Research

Start Date End Date Rotation Attending
7/1 7/31

Inpatient SCI/D
Ventilator Unit 10-bed SCI specialized ventilator unit with weaning trial, ventilator and respiratory disease management. Hands-on experience with SCI specialist and respiratory therapists.

Dr. L. Alvarado
8/1 8/31

SCI - Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation
Opportunities for specialized medical management.

Dr. Samantha Mendelson
9/1 9/30

Be a part of the neurosurgery team and participate in management of acute SCI, surgical management at the OR.

Dr. Mark Greenberg
10/1 10/31

SCI Outpatient Clinic
Primary care of the specialized SCI population Telemedicine

Dr. I. Garcia-Zozaya
11/1 12/31

SCI - Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation
Fellow is expected to be the leader of the acute inpatient interdisciplinary rehabilitation team.

Dr. Samantha Mendelson
1/1 1/30

SCI Outpatient Clinic
Fellow is expected to run his/her own clinic under supervision, managing both primary care and SCI-specialized issues.

Dr. I. Garcia-Zozaya
2/1 2/28

SCI Research
The fellow would have completed all the research training, approved to participate in research study. Data collection and analysis, manuscript preparation.

Dr. Kevin White
3/1 3/31

SCI HOME CARE & Urodynamic Studies
Manage SCI patients as part of the SCI home care team. Participate in home rehabilitation program, perform home visit with the interdisciplinary team.

Urodynamic – hand-on experience with performing urodynamic studies and advance understanding in result interpretation.

Dr. Peggy Coffey
4/1 4/30

SCI Long Term Care/Research-JAHVA
Manage residents of the SCI-specialized long-term care facility (including long-term ventilator unit).

Research: continue and complete the research projects.

Dr. Peggy Coffey
5/1 5/31

SCI Therapeutics
Hands-on experience with physical therapists, occupational therapists, kinesiotherapists, recreational therapists in treatment of SCI patients.

Dr. Kevin White
6/1 6/30

SCI Elective
Set independent objective to be achieved in 1 month

Dr. Kevin White

Our Spinal Cord Injury Fellowship program offers an extensive Adaptive Sports opportunity at the local and national level.

1/2 day per week
Fellow Longitudinal Clinic in SCI-PCC

  • Assigned new patients to be followed throughout the fellowship.
  • Plenty of hands-on opportunities for procedures.
    Intrathecal pump refill clinic every Wednesday.
  • Neuro-denervation or botulinum toxin injections
    Joint and trigger point injections
    Battlefield acupuncture

Two 1/2 days per month
Spina Bifida Clinic and Mobility Clinic

  • Shriner's Hospital for Children