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Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Fellowship


Clinical Rotations

Number of 4‐week Blocks Completed in Training Year: (13 Training Blocks per Year)

Rotation Year One Year Two Year Three
Medical ICU 4 0 0
Night Float (Medical ICU) 2 1 1
Pulmonary Consults 6 1 1
Elective 1 1 1
Respiratory Consults 0 2 2
Sleep Medicine 0 1 1
Interventional Pulmonary 0 1 1
ICU Consults 0 1 1
Cardiothoracic ICU 0 1 0
Neuro ICU 0 0 1
Trauma ICU 0 0 1
Transplant 0 1 0
Research 0 3 3

** Annual (vacation) leave: Per the USF GME leave policy, fellows receive up to 20 weekdays of annual leave per contract year.
**Outpatient: Per standard ACGME policy, fellows have 1 half‐day of clinic, per week, except while on vacation, night float, and ICU rotations in the Moffitt ICU.


  • Respiratory Consults: Fellows provide consultative services on Spinal Cord Unit patients, PFTs, CPET, Home O2 evaluations.
  • Sleep Medicine: Fellows provide in and out-patient consults for patients with sleep related breathing disorders.
  • Pulmonary Physiology: Fellows spend time dedicated to interpretation of PFT, CPET, right heart catherization with one-on-one teaching by faculty. Fellows also spend one-on-one time in chest radiology and lung pathology as well as observing all testing.
  • Transplant: Fellows are the primary provider for patients undergoing lung transplantation, both in the pre-transplant and post-transplant setting. The experience includes inpatient (critical care and hospital ward) and outpatient (procedure and clinic) experiences.