MD/PhD Program


The combined MD/PhD program within the Morsani College of Medicine at the University of South Florida is designed to foster the development of the next generation of physician-scientists who will make major contributions via translational medicine to enhance the diagnosis and treatment of human disease.

The program is oriented towards a small group of highly qualified and motivated students and is structured to provide an outstanding medical education, scientific training, and state-of-the-art clinical practice by integrating these experiences in an interdisciplinary environment. The program will be uniquely tailored to meet the need of each individual student and to promote a deep sense of scientific discovery combined with the application to modern medicine.

Application Process

Prospective MD/PhD must first apply for admission to the MD Program and must meet the standards and prerequisites for admission to the both MD and PhD programs in the Morsani College of Medicine and the University of South Florida. A separate application for the PhD Program is not required.

After submitting the AMCAS application, students should e-mail to indicate their interest in the MD/PhD Program.


Applicants will be expected to have at least:

  • Overall MCAT Score – 512
  • Minimum Individual MCAT Scores – 125

(GRE is not required)

Candidates will also be evaluated based upon submission of a modified essay, the extent and level of their previous education, awards and honors, other relevant research experience, professional training, and publications and reference letters, considering both the numerical rankings and the text of the letters which will be used to assess a student’s desire and motivation to become a physician-scientist.

Candidates will participate in an interview process that includes the Program Director, members of the MD/PhD Program Advisory Committee and selected student representatives


The AMCAS application opens in June, and students must apply by November 15 to be considered for the MD/PhD Program; however, because admission is rolling, applicants are encouraged to apply early.

Details regarding the MD application and admission process can be found on the MD Admissions website.

About the Program

Students admitted to the combined MD/PhD program will be responsible for all tuition costs associated with the MD degree. For the training period associated with the PhD program, students will receive a tuition waiver for the matriculation portion of each registered credit hour (full time status, 12 credits in Fall/Spring, 8 in Summer) together with the current stipend ($28,500/year).

A tuition waiver and pro-rated stipend will also be paid during the research rotation periods.

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