Dermatology & Cutaneous Surgery

Resident Benefits

Pagers: Pagers are assigned to all residents at the beginning of their training.

Library: The Shimberg Health Science Library is located on the College campus. Residents are provided debit cards for use with their studies, lectures, and research.

Lab Coats: Personalized lab coats are provided on an annual basis at no charge.

Salary: Salary levels are reviewed annually to remain in line with national statistics. Specific information for any given year is available upon request.

Insurance: Life insurance, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Disability (Short Term and Long Term), and Professional Liability are provided for the residents.

A PPO Major Medical Plan is provided for the resident at no cost. Spouse coverage is provided for a co-pay of $50/month. Spouse and child(ren) are provided for a co-pay of $100/month.


  • Fifteen days of vacation per year
  • Up to five days conference leave per academic year
  • Nine official USF holidays annually
  • Nine sick days each appointment year and nine sick days credited to a sick leave pool
  • Uncompensated family, child care, or medical leave allowed upon written approval
  • Compensated maternity/paternity leave available by accumulation of sick and vacation leave.

(Extended leave may result in the necessity of completing additional training hours to meet board requirements.)