The University of South Florida has committed to a robust and comprehensive international health and evacuation insurance policy for all USF international business travelers. There is no additional cost to travelers for this coverage. This policy provides coverage for health expenses, medical evacuation, and evacuation in case of political unrest and natural disaster.

A business traveler is anyone traveling on a USF sanctioned international experience, not accompanying students abroad. This includes faculty, staff, alumni, donors, contractors, colleagues from other institutions, and government officials participating on USF sanctioned international business travel.

To obtain the USF Faculty & Staff medical and evacuation travel insurance benefit for business travel:

1. Complete the electronic USF Travel Authorization Request (TAR) and have it approved in the Archivum by the Fiscal Approver and Supervisor before travel activities occur and inform USF Health International when the TAR is approved at

Per Section 1010.36, Florida Statutes, all USF faculty, researchers, and research department staff traveling internationally for employment-related activities must have specific approval prior to travel. Please utilize the Archivum System to ensure that your travel meets all state requirements. You can find more information about the state's policy on this fact sheet HERE. A change has been made in Archivum to capture additional data and to get required approval from the Research Integrity Officer (RIO) prior to travel.   After fiscal approval, any Travel Requests to these countries will be directed to travelers to answer questions as seen in screen shot below and to provide their agreement. In cases where the traveler is not an employee, the submitter will receive this task and will need to upload the signed attestation from the traveler. Please make sure to include emergency contact information abroad as well as an emergency contact stateside.

  • If the estimated USF travel expense is zero, Travel Authorization may require to enter a minimum of $1 to complete the form
  • The policy will cover 100% of the costs for covered medical expenses up to $250,000 and evacuation coverage for situations involving natural disasters or civil unrest

2. Create a member user account online with UnitedHealthcare Global

  • Visit to register and access important plan information
    • To register, Click create One Healthcare ID
    • Complete your Profile Information: First & Last name, year of birth, email address, One Healthcare ID, password, then click "I Agree"
    • Verify your email address. Please follow instructions on the email
    • Enter the UHCG Program ID Number (902275511)
    • Print your United Healthcare Global ID card and review plan benefits and locate qualified providers and hospitals

**Note- online registration for each business traveler is only required once per year, between September 1 and August 31.

3. If you are participating in a clinical experience abroad, enroll in the USF Self Insurance Program for international professional liability coverage.

USF Health students, residents and faculty are provided international professional liability coverage through the USF Self-Insurance Program* at no cost. To enroll for this coverage, each participant must complete the appropriate form below:

*USF Self-Insurance Program

Each USF student, resident and/or faculty member is provided professional liability coverage through the USF Self-Insurance Program in the amount of $200,000 per claim/$300,000 per occurrence (with any additional coverage, if desired, to be purchased by the individual). Providers not employed by USF and students not enrolled in a USF Health Sciences Center college have no professional liability coverage under the USF Self-Insurance Program.

4. Review important UHCG insurance documents and resources

Additional pre-departure travel recommendations for faculty on business:

  • Consider purchasing additional travel insurance
    • The USF Business travel insurance (provided by UHCG) only covers travelers for the dates of business travel as noted on the USF Travel Approval Request (TAR). For those who plan to travel independently, either in advance of the program or after the program ends, it is recommended to seek additional travel insurance coverage valid for the duration of the travel experience through your own carrier. Further, the UHCG Business travel insurance policy does not include trip cancellation coverage or travel insurance (theft, costs due to delays in travel time, etc.), or pre-existing conditions. Click here for more information.

  • Prophylaxis and Vaccinations: It is strongly recommended that faculty follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)'s travel guidelines regarding prophylaxis and vaccinations for their travel destination(s). Please go the CDC's website for travel health information.

  • Review the USF Health Travel Resources

  • Record the USF 24/7 Emergency Phone Number +1-813-317-5815.
    • Should faculty encounter any issues or emergencies while abroad, or need assistance filing a claim with UHCG while abroad, contact the USF 24/7 travel assistance number: +1-813-317-5815.  The phone is maintained by the USF International Risk and Security Officer.
    • Print the USF Emergency Card or stop by USF Health International to pick up printed copy.