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Tobacco Free Florida


Tobacco Free Florida AHEC Cessation Program

Tobacco Free Florida AHEC Cessation Program

In 2006, Floridians overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment to fund a comprehensive evidenced-based tobacco education and use prevention program based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs. The result was the creation of the Florida Department of Health’s Bureau of Tobacco Free Florida (BTFF).

The Tobacco Free Florida AHEC Cessation Program is founded upon the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs in the following areas:

  1. Educating and Training Health Professions Students
  2. Offering Continuing Education to Practicing Health Professionals
  3. Providing Cessation Services for Tobacco Users

With a current annual legislative appropriation of over $13 million, the Area Health Education Center (AHEC) Network collaborates with the Florida Department of Health Bureau of Tobacco Free Florida to strengthen the capacity of Florida’s healthcare system to deliver effective tobacco use treatment and cessation services throughout the state. AHEC’s build partnerships with a myriad of organizations such as federally qualified health centers, hospitals, health departments, worksites, tobacco-free partnerships, academic institutions, and many other entities. This assures that AHEC staff and TFF resources are being effectively leveraged and maximally utilized to address local, regional, and statewide needs related to tobacco control.

The AHEC Network, which is comprised of five AHEC Program offices at the University of Florida, University of Miami, University of South Florida, Nova Southeastern University, and Florida State University, and their ten affiliated regional AHEC Centers have trained and/or certified Tobacco Cessation Specialists to facilitate free in-person group cessation classes within all 67 counties.

In addition to direct cessation activities the AHEC Tobacco Training and Cessation (A.T.T.A.C.) program was developed and implemented in collaboration with our community and academic partners. The A.T.T.A.C. program partners with area colleges and universities to train their health professions students on tobacco use, prevention, and cessation issues.

Tobacco Cessation Services

TFF AHEC Cessation Program utilizes trained Tobacco Cessation Specialists to provide free counseling and support services to patients interested in quitting tobacco. Please visit to learn more about AHEC cessation services. Call (813) 974-7889 to register for a cessation group in your area.

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Health Care Provider Training

In addition to health profession student training and tobacco cessation efforts, the A.T.T.A.C. program also offers health care professionals continuing education opportunities on a variety of tobacco related subjects.

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