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USF Nursing is on the Move!

Nursing Priorities

Nurses are the front line of America's health care system. Every day, with your hard work, with your skill, your compassion, nurses determine the quality of care that we all receive.

USF Nursing is on the Move!

The College of Nursing is nationally prominent with a strong tradition of supporting wellness within our community and globally. Our nurses today are leaders in translational research; moving nursing science developments to patients and the community. Our educational programs are highly successful and acknowledged nationally as models of innovation. We are changing the face of healthcare here and around the world!



    Research and Education to Rehabilitate and Restore the Lives of Veterans, Service members and their Families directly impacts the lives of veterans and service members. Re-integration of veterans is at a highpoint in U.S history. The pace of deployments in terms of length, frequency and limited downtime is unprecedented, and many brave volunteers are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, loss of limb and other physical and emotional injuries that in the past would have proved fatal or permanently disabling.

    Additionally, a majority of veterans and their families receive healthcare in the private sector, instead of VA hospitals, meaning all healthcare professionals must be proficient in dealing with the special needs of this population.

    RESTORE LIVES at USF continues to develop life enhancing treatments through nursing research, and educate nurses with the knowledge and skills specific to the needs of treating veterans and service members with innovative solutions such as:

  • Power with Nursing

    Through POWER with Nursing, our Partnership Opportunities for Wellness, Education and Research, the College of Nursing’s initiatives with existing and expanding collaborations stretch across the region, nation and globe. Every day our students impact healthcare in Tampa Bay. Through Research Residencies, College of Nursing doctoral students collaborate with area hospitals to develop their own program of nursing research. We collaborate on grants with researchers from other healthcare disciplines.

    At USF our nursing students learn the way they will practice, in interprofessional teams composed of many healthcare disciplines. Our students get first-hand knowledge of wellness issues across the globe through international nursing experiences in Panama, and collaboration with the American Red Cross to bring supplies to people in need.

    POWER with Nursing provides opportunities to collaborate with the USF College of Nursing on important initiatives such as:

  • Inform at USF Nursing

    Through our Institute for Nursing Faculty Recruitment, Retention and Mentoring or INFORM at USF Nursing, the College will continue to recruit, retain and mentor the best and brightest nursing faculty.

    USF nursing faculty transform nursing science to better care for patients through education and research. Conservatively, one USF nursing faculty member causes 108 million patients to receive excellent nursing care because of the students they taught! The need for new nursing faculty is now at an all-time high and expected to increase over the next decade.

    INFORM at USF Nursing this address this need in the following ways:

  • Center for Living with Chronic Illness

    Our Center for Living with Chronic Illness focuses on the impressive research expertise of our world-class, nursing scientists, faculty and students. Chronic illness nationally has reached epidemic proportions with nearly one half of all Americans suffering some type of chronic illness such as diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, dementia, or cancer.

    The effects of chronic illness are known to be physical, social and behavioral in nature, and families and caregivers are impacted as they help loved ones cope day-to-day. The Center for Living with Chronic Illness is focused on new ways to help those with chronic illness and their families manage illness, overcome challenges, and live life more fully.

    The Center for Living with Chronic Illness at the USF College of Nursing will be able to: