Staff and Services

Crisina Court
EEG Lab Assistant

Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory, Tampa General Hospital

Beverly Uliasz, R.EEG, Team Leader
Routine EEG: XLTEK
Ambulatory EEG: DigiTrace
Prolonged EEG-video monitoring (for diagnosis of seizures vs. pseudoseizures, or for presurgical evaluation): XLTEK
Invasive EEG (e.g., epidural, subdural, foramen ovale, depth electrodes)
Multi-disciplinary presurgical evaluations (e.g., special MRI, Wada test, SPECT scan, neuropsychological testing)
Surgery for epilepsy (e.g., temporal lobectomy, extratemporal resection, corpus callosotomy, hemispherectomy)
Vagus nerve stimulator: Cyberonics
Investigational drug studies


Carlos Martinez, MD, Clinical Professor of Radiology (VOL)
F. Reed Murtagh, MD, Professor of Radiology and Director, Division of Neuroradiology
Hemant D. Chheda MD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Radiology and Neurology and Director, Nuclear Medicine, Tampa General Hospital

Dietician & nutritional services [e.g., ketogenic diet]

Jill Kammerer, RD (Tampa General Hospital)
Tran Hang (All Childrens Hospital, St. Petersburg)
Psychology and psychiatry services

Mike R. Schoenberg, PhD, ABPP-CN, Neuropsychology: 813-974-8900
Maya Ramirez, PhD, Clinical Neuropsychologist. Office: 813-844-3541
Yolanda C. Leon, Psy.D., ABPdN: 813-633-6000


Melissa Giarratano, Pharm.D.
• Clinical Pharmacist - Neurosciences
• Tampa General Hospital

Social Services

Epilepsy Service of West Central Florida