Comprehensive Epilepsy Program

Staff and Services

Crisina Court
EEG Lab Assistant

Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory, Tampa General Hospital

Beverly Uliasz, R.EEG, Team Leader
Routine EEG: XLTEK
Ambulatory EEG: DigiTrace
Prolonged EEG-video monitoring (for diagnosis of seizures vs. pseudoseizures, or for presurgical evaluation): XLTEK
Invasive EEG (e.g., epidural, subdural, foramen ovale, depth electrodes)
Multi-disciplinary presurgical evaluations (e.g., special MRI, Wada test, SPECT scan, neuropsychological testing)
Surgery for epilepsy (e.g., temporal lobectomy, extratemporal resection, corpus callosotomy, hemispherectomy)
Vagus nerve stimulator: Cyberonics
Investigational drug studies


Morsani College of Medicine Department of Radiology

Dietician & nutritional services [e.g., ketogenic diet]

Jill Kammerer, RD (Tampa General Hospital)
Tran Hang (All Childrens Hospital, St. Petersburg)

Psychology and psychiatry services

Mike R. Schoenberg, PhD, ABPP-CN, Neuropsychology: 813-259-8690 
Maya Ramirez, PhD, Clinical Neuropsychologist. Office: 813-844-3541
Yolanda C. Leon, Psy.D., ABPdN: 813-633-6000


Melissa Giarratano, Pharm.D.
• Clinical Pharmacist - Neurosciences
• Tampa General Hospital

Social Services

Epilepsy Service of West Central Florida