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Theresa A. Zesiewicz, MD FAAN

Message from the Director

We are committed to providing specialized medical care for those people afflicted with cerebellar ataxia while performing basic science and clinical research in ataxia. Our team of medical experts provides specialized patient evaluations and treatment for this uncommon disorder.

Founded with a multidisciplinary approach which includes adult and pediatric clinical services, basic medical research and physical therapeutic interventions we are committed to discover new and effective approaches to better understand and treat cerebellar ataxia, while also searching for a cure.

Theresa A. Zesiewicz, MD FAAN
Professor of Neurology Director, USF Ataxia Research Center
Director, The Frances J. Zesiewicz Center and Foundation for Parkinson's Disease - USF, Tampa
Director, James A. Haley Veterans' Administration Parkinson's Disease Clinic - Tampa, Florida

Your Support

The USF-ARC is funded exclusively by donor support and research grants. For information about how you can help support ataxia research, please visit the USF Foundation website.

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