Clinical Trials


ReseachOur dedicated physicians, basic scientists and staff are involved with a vast variety of cutting edge research projects, at virtually every level of interest, for the cerebellar ataxias and Friedrich's Ataxia.

In the basic science laboratories we are investigating these ataxic disorders on a cellular level to gain a better understanding of what is happening within the neurological system of these patients. Current studies include areas of:

  • neuronal transmission
  • neuronal receptors
  • neuro-pharmacology
  • molecular medicine
The valuable information these studies provide will hopefully lead us closer to an effective treatment and cure for these disorders.

Clinical Trials

Pill bottlesThere are also clinical studies evolving within the center. A very recent finding of a potential drug treatment has led to an exiting study for the ataxic patient. The initial clinical trials are underway for a select population of patients with SCA1, 2, 3 and 6.

Recognizing the limitations this movement disorder creates for the afflicted individual, we are investigating a novel therapeutic movement program. This program's design places emphasis on the unique movements and postures the ataxic person develops as their disorder progresses, then teaches basic techniques and required skills which enable the ataxic person to walk and move more normally. Preliminary results are promising and a trial clinical study is in the planning stages.

Frohna Research Initiative

Completed Research