About Us

The USF-ARC is directed by Theresa Zesiewicz, MD FAAN from the Department of Neurology at USF, with assistant direction by Kelly L. Sullivan, Ph.D.. We collaborate with several clinical and basic science departments at USF and in other universities around the country to conduct a translational neuroscience ataxia and balance center. We also conduct multi-site clinical research. Our focus is on: 

  • pharmacologic therapies 
  • physical therapy 
  • basic pharmacologic research 
  • stem cell research 
  • neuroepidemiology 
  • neurogenesis 
We closely partner with the West Central Florida Ataxia Support Group.


USF Ataxia Research Center 

The USF-ARC is located in growing North Tampa area, on Fletcher Avenue. Our clinics are in the new and innovative Carol and Frank Morsani Center for Advanced Healthcare at:

13330 USF Laurel Avenue
Tampa FL, 33612.

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Phone Numbers
Phone: (813) 974-5909
Fax: (813) 974-8032

Mailing Address
USF Ataxia Research Center
12901 Bruce B. Downs Blvd.
MDC Box 55
Tampa, FL 33612