USF Center for Research and Education in Nanobioengineering

Goals of the CREN

MissionResearch at the CREN focuses on applying nanoparticle and nanomaterial technology and microelectronic fabrication and detection techniques to the discovery of new diagnostic and therapeutic tools. Interdisciplinary collaborations between scientists and clinicians in the College of Medicine with faculty and scientists in the Colleges of Arts and Sciences and Engineering will ensure that novel strategies and innovative approaches are used to target goals that promote the mission of USF Health while at the same time serving the broader community.

People want and need solutions now to the problems of drug-resistant pathogens, pandemic disease, increased incidence of respiratory and cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s  disease and diabetes. The members of the CREN fervently believe that the development of new nanomaterials and fabrication methods and their application in medicine will be key to promoting worldwide health in the 21st century.

Dedication to the teaching of young scientists is also a major part of our mission. The environment at the CREN is geared towards hands-on intensive training combined with a rigorous evidence-driven approach to research. Students are encouraged to develop a project with advice from their mentors, to utilize all the great resources of the Center, and to pursue their goals to completion and publication of results.

Members of the CREN look upon the group as a team with everyone benefitting from the individual successes of its scientists, students and faculty. Come and join us and see how exciting, challenging and rewarding nanomedicine research can be.