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Diabetes and Endocrinology Center

USF Diabetes Center

What We Do

American Diabetes Association Safe at School Campaign

Unfortunately, in many schools, students are not able to effectively manage their disease in the classroom or in school-sponsored activities. The American Diabetes Association has long been involved in working to end discrimination against students with diabetes and help educate school personnel about how they can help meet the needs of students with diabetes. Visit for more information.

Diabetes at School

Children with diabetes require medical care to remain healthy. The need for medical care does not end while the child is at school. The following information is designed to help children with diabetes and their parents ensure that they are able to care for their diabetes while at school. Visit for more information.

Fit4AllKids at All Children's Hospital

A task force of pediatric physicians, dietitians, physical therapists, educators and advocates spent a year developing Fit4Allkids to help children maintain a healthy weight and body size, and be more active and fit. The program encourages children to do their personal best and reach their own individual goals for weight loss/weight management and physical activity.

Visit for more information

School Forms:

Hillsborough County

Pasco County

USF Diabetes Center School Form (accepted by most school districts)


To dramatically advance the care of diabetes and pursuit of a cure.

The USF Diabetes and Endocrinology Center will achieve national and international recognition as a comprehensive diabetes center of excellence by engaging in cutting-edge research, delivering premier clinical care, and advancing diabetes care through partnerships in patient and professional education and outreach. Our approach to medical care is holistic, recognizing not only the global effects of this chronic disease on the patient, their family, and the community, but also acknowledging that our mission will only be realized by successfully partnering with our patients, their families, fellow healthcare providers, research collaborators and our communities. The Center will serve as catalyst for innovative research and be an educational resource for our partners.

The USF Diabetes and Endocrinology Center will dramatically improve the lives of people with diabetes and advance progress towards a cure through a coordinated approach utilizing resources in medicine, nutrition, mental health, biostatistics, and the latest advances in therapeutics and technology. Research is an integral part of all USF Diabetes and Endocrinology Center programs. Our patients benefit from our research programs and are invited to be active participants in clinical studies for which they are eligible.

Clinical Programs

The USF Diabetes and Endocrinology Center provides comprehensive state-of-the-art clinical care for patients with diabetes throughout the life stages. Pediatric services include care of children with type 1 and type 2 diabetes from infancy though early adulthood. Adult services are focused on patients with type 1 diabetes and those with gestational diabetes, and those with type 2 diabetes that require more intensive therapy including injectable therapies, insulin pump therapy, and continuous glucose monitoring. Our team of physicians, nurse practitioners, dietitians, medical social workers, psychologists and support personnel partner with patients, their families, their primary physicians and other stakeholders to tailor therapy to permit the optimization of blood glucose control that is critical to ongoing health and the prevention of diabetes-related complications.

The USF Diabetes and Endocrinology Center facilities provide an inviting environment that promotes diabetes self-management and support utilizing the latest approaches to care and innovations in therapeutics and technology.
Clinical Programs include:

  1. Outpatient management of new-onset type 1 diabetes patients not requiring hospitalization.
  2. Inpatient consultation for those individuals requiring hospitalization.
  3. Outpatient follow-up medical visits & consultations tailored to patient needs as agreed upon by Center staff, the patient, and their referring physician. Standard follow-up will be at 3-month intervals with specific assessment of education, nutrition and mental health needs at least annually.
  4. Intensive training and management for type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients utilizing injectable therapies including multiple daily injections, insulin pump therapy, and continuous glucose monitoring.
  5. Outpatient psychotherapy services focused on the needs of individuals and families experiencing difficulties with coping, psychological functioning, and/or family relationships within the context of diabetes.

Education Programs

The USF Diabetes and Endocrinology Center educational program is AADE-certified and provides individual and group education programs to promote improved understanding and diabetes management among patients (children, adolescents young adults, and older adults), their families, other healthcare providers, and the community. Curricula include basic and intensive diabetes management, medical nutrition therapy, and behavioral and social influences of diabetes. Therapy seeks to mirror physiologic insulin delivery using multiple daily injections, insulin pump therapy, continuous glucose monitoring, and other advances in therapy and technology. In addition to traditional educational programs for patients and their families, the Center serves as a resource to health care providers through accredited professional education programs here at the Center (Annual Diabetes Updates) and through partnerships with local, regional, state (Departments of Education and Health), national, and international organizations. Our Center is committed to training of physicians, nurses, dietitians, psychologists and allied-health students at USF and affiliated academic institutions and societies. Regional partnerships include the Tampa Bay Endocrine Society. Membership is comprised of Bay-Area diabetes care providers working together to advance diabetes care in the Tampa Bay area through discussion of therapeutic challenges, innovative therapies, and clinical research opportunities.


The USF Diabetes and Endocrinology Center will serve as a catalyst for innovative and important research through active program development in clinical, basic, and transitional research. Current clinical research activities include:

  1. Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet Affiliate conducting TrialNet studies including:
    1. The Pathway to Prevention Study
    2. The Oral Insulin Trial
    3. Screening for the Anti-CD3 Prevention Trial
  2. T1D Exchange Clinical Site
    1. T1D Exchange Registry
    2. Residual C-Peptide Study
  3. Daiichi Sankyo WelKid Trial of Colesevelum Oral Suspension in Children with Type 2 Diabetes
  4. Bristol-Myers Squibb Axel Study of Saxigliptin in Treatment Naïve Children with Type 2 Diabetes.
  5. Bristol-Myers Squibb Axel Study of Saxigliptin in Children with Type 2 Diabetes Treated with Metformin.

Our research program will foster innovation through the recruitment of new investigators and collaboration with researchers in diabetes as well as other fields that may contribute novel approaches to diabetes investigation. Expansion of our current clinical research efforts will include greater roles within the TrialNet and T1D Exchange consortia and pursuit of external funding for investigator-initiated and collaborative projects.


The success of our goals in clinical care, education, and research will depend upon successful partnerships with departments within the University as well as local, regional, state, national, and international stakeholders including patients, their families, schools, and diabetes-focused organizations (ADA, JDRF, AADE, ESPE, PES, AACE, IDF, ISPAD). The Diabetes Center will work with these groups in areas congruent with our mission to promote the translation of scientific discoveries to patients with diabetes.

Current initiatives include:

  1. Founding and operation of the Tampa Bay Diabetes Society
  2. Tampa Bay JDRF Chapter Board Membership & Research Information Volunteer
  3. JDRF Clinical Advisory Committee
  4. ADA Tampa Community Leadership Board Membership ADA National Board Membership ADA Professional Practice Committee
  5. American Diabetes Association Transitioning Care of Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes Position Statement Working Group
  6. Endocrine Society Transition of Care Resources Working Group
  7. American Academy of Pediatrics Liaison to the National Diabetes Education Program Strategic Directions Group
  8. Diabetes at School Initiatives with Polk & Hillsborough County Schools
  9. Florida Health and Transition Services Coalition Medical Advisory Committee
  10. Hillsborough Health and Transition Services Coalition