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Diabetes and Endocrinology Center

USF Diabetes Center

Our Facilities

Clinical Programs

The new USF Diabetes and Endocrinology Center clinical space will provide an inviting environment that will promote diabetes self-management utilizing the latest approaches to care and innovations in medical and bioinformatics technology.

Clinical Programs include:

  1. Outpatient management of new-onset type 1 diabetes patients.
  2. Inpatient consultation for those individuals requiring hospitalization.
  3. Outpatient follow-up medical visits & consultations tailored to the patients’ needs.
  4. Intensive insulin therapy and training for type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients including multiple injections, insulin pumps, and continuous glucose monitoring.
  5. Outpatient psychotherapy services focused on addressing barriers to optimal blood sugar control.

Education Programs

The new USF Diabetes and Endocrinology Center clinical research space also includes a state-of-the art education classroom and full demonstration kitchen. Chefs from around Tampa Bay as well as special guest celebrity chefs will be invite to demonstrate how to cook healthy meals, right inside the Center!

The USF Diabetes and Endocrinology Center is an American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) Recognized program that provides individual and group education programs to promote improved diabetes care understanding and among patients (children, adolescents young adults, and older adults), their families, their other healthcare providers, and the community. Curricula include basic and intensive diabetes care, medical nutrition therapy, behavioral and social concerns, and intensification of therapy through the use of multiple daily injections, insulin pumps continuous glucose monitors.

In addition to traditional educational programs for patients and their families, the Center serves as a resource to health care providers through regular professional education programs here at the Center and through partnerships with local, regional, state (Departments of Education and Health), national, and international organizations. The Diabetes Center assists in the training of physicians, nurses, dietitians, psychologists and allied-health students through USF and affiliated academic institutions and societies. Our regional education efforts include the development of the “Tampa Bay Diabetes Society.” This society, comprised of Bay-Area diabetes care providers, meets quarterly to foster collaboration and advance the standard of care in our community.


The research program at the  USF Diabetes and Endocrinology Center builds upon current clinical research projects with future expansion to basic research. The USF Pediatric Epidemiology Center, our parent Center at USF, coordinates numerous national and international research studies in diabetes and related disorders.

The Center focuses on diabetes research areas including:

  • Diabetes Prevention - Determine who is at risk for developing T1D and to find ways to prevent, delay or reverse the disease progression in those at risk.
  • Diabetes Treatment - Develop novel treatment strategies for blood sugar control that will reduce patient complications.
  • Diabetes Cure - Continue to investigate ways to preserve, regenerate, and/or replace insulin producing cells with hopes of curing patients with type 1 diabetes.


The success in clinical care, education, and research will depend upon successful partnerships with departments within the University as well as local, regional, state, national, and international stakeholders including patients, their families, schools, and diabetes-focused organizations. The Center works with these groups in areas congruent with our mission to promote the translation of scientific discoveries to patients with diabetes.


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