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Jay Wolfson, PHD

Jay Wolfson, PHD

Assoc Vice President, COPH Florida Health Center

Contact Info

Academic Email: jwolfson@health.usf.edu

Academic Phone: (813) 974-3650

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  • PHD, Public Health, University of Texas, 1981

Recent Publications

  • James D. McCluskey, Stephen C. Harbison, Giffe T. Johnson, Ping Xu, Steve Morris, Jay Wolfson, and Raymond D. Harbison. Occupational health surveillance: Pulmonary function testing in emergency responders J Emerg Trauma Shock. 7(3) : 180–185, 2014.
  • Wolfson J. Technology, life issues altering what it means to be a physician. Interview by Lois A Bowers. Medical Economics. 90(6) : 78, 2013.
  • Wolfson J. Florida medical home may offer a model for the future of senior healthcare. Medical Economics. 90(4) : 76, 75, 2013.
  • Wolfson J. Costs, control, data access remain top EHR concerns. Interview by Lois A Bowers. Medical Economics. 90(2) : 56, 59, 2013.
  • Stephen C Harbison, Giffe T Johnson, James D McCluskey, Ping Xu, Shelia Mohammad, Jay Wolfson and Raymond D Harbison. Occupational Health Surveillance: Pulmonary Function Testing in Utility Workers J Clinic Toxicol. : S5:006, 2012.
  • Wilson AR, Fabri PJ, Wolfson J. Human error and patient safety: interdisciplinary course. Teaching and Learning in Medicine. 24(1) : 18-25, 2012.
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  • Wolfson J, and Nir Menachemi. Just Dating or Soul Mates? Patient Safety Meets Fraud and Abuse Florida Journal of Health Law. , 2010.
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