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Project Management Services


The Executive Project Management Office (Executive PMO) offers the following services:

  • Management of selected projects from discovery to closing
  • Development of work products to support projects and USF Health strategic initiatives
  • Process mapping
  • Project evaluation and reporting
  • Provision of standard templates and management processes to promote the use of best practice project management methodologies for internal stakeholders

Project Case Studies

Interested in learning about the Executive PMO's past projects? Check out the case studies below to see examples of projects that have been supported by the Executive PMO. 

Project Requests

To request project management or consulting services, please submit a project proposal.  The PMO will review project proposals on a rolling basis with project selection and initiation occurring as PMO resources become available. 

Project Request Form

Required Stakeholder-Provided Project Support

Involvement and engagement from a requesting stakeholder/unit/department is a vital component to ensure project success and optimal project achievement. To support project success and ensure a collaborative project from discovery through execution, the requesting stakeholder is required to provide the following project support:

Stakeholder Provided Support Role/Expectations
Project Sponsor The project sponsor is the designated decision maker for the project and is responsible for the allocation of project resources.
Project Lead The requesting unit is responsible for the assignment of a project lead to work with the PMO in the management and execution of the project as well as serve as subject matter expert for the project. The project lead must be approved by the PMO.
Project Administrative Support

The requesting unit is responsible for the assignment of administrative support to take the lead on scheduling, minutes, and other project support tasks.


For detailed information on project roles and expectations, please click here

*Please note: USF IT offers consulting and project management services to assist clients in optimizing use of technology to solve challenging institutional needs. For more information on USF IT services, please visit the Service Catalog.