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USF Health Executive Project Management Office

Project Management Office

The USF Health Executive Project Management Office (Executive PMO) provides thoughtful and results-driven project management services at the executive level to support USF Health’s continued development and respond to the changing needs of our community. The Executive PMO is an integral part of the USF Health Administration team whose mission is to drive a culture of operational excellence through collaborations and implementation of quality services and systems in support of the USF Health community.

  • The Executive PMO embraces agile influenced values to better serve USF Health stakeholders.

    1. Acknowledging and supporting individuals and interactions over processes and tools
    2. Working processes and utilizing tools over comprehensive documentation
    3. Fostering collaboration over negotiation
    4. Willingness to innovate and respond to change over following a plan

    The Executive PMO is committed to continuous and iterative improvements by capitalizing on lessons learned and knowledge repositories to serve USF Health stakeholders more effectively.

  • The Executive PMO makes use of best practice standards defined by the Project Management Institute, including the following project phases:

    1. Discovery: project submission and review
    2. Initiating: project definition and analysis
    3. Planning: project plan development
    4. Executing: project implementation
    5. Monitoring: project tracking and reporting
    6. Closing: project conclusion

    The Executive PMO utilizes a hybrid of best practice project management methodologies to guide projects from discovery through closing. Methodologies will vary depending on the type of project, utilizing aspects of Traditional Project Management, Lean, Kanban, Six Sigma, Critical Path Method, Waterfall, Rapid Process Improvement, Human Performance Technology, Agile and Scrum.

  • The Executive PMO utilizes the following service standards to guide how we work with project stakeholders:

    1. Communication: We will be proactive, transparent, clear and thoughtful in our communications.
    2. Quality: We will provide high-quality services that meet defined project goals, objectives, timelines, and deliverables.
    3. Adaptability: We will adapt processes to accommodate changing environments while maintaining productivity and effectiveness to meet defined project goals.
    4. Collaboration: We will foster an atmosphere of collaboration by being available and working with stakeholders to achieve project goals.
    5. Innovative solutions:  We will utilize design thinking methods to develop stakeholder-centric, holistic and interdisciplinary innovative solutions.
    6. Commitment to continuous improvement: We will continuously improve our services by utilizing best practices, technology and stakeholder feedback.
    7. Problem resolution: We will proactively identify potential challenges and partner with stakeholders to seek collaborative and effective solutions.
  • two people discussing a project over the materials on a table

    The Executive PMO focuses on the execution of projects directed at the executive/dean/chair level. The Executive PMO will expand project selection to support a broader set of stakeholders as new resources and/or capacity becomes available. The Executive PMO’s project selection will be guided by the following priorities:

    The Executive PMO will review project submission on a rolling basis with project initiation as Executive PMO resources become available. In the instance of competing project requests, the Executive PMO will consult with the EVP of USF Health for project prioritization.

    Learn more about the Executive PMO's project selection criteria by downloading our 'Project Selection' one-sheet. 

Interested in learning more about the impact, projects and services provided by the Executive PMO? Check out the 2022-2023 USF Health Project Management Office Report for an overview of projects, services and stakeholders served.