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Due to the planned consolidation during the summer of 2020, of the University of South Florida, the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, and the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee, into a single university with a fully aligned and integrated curriculum and a single set of academic policies and procedures, any undergraduate or graduate student who matriculates at one of the three USF institutions on or after May 18, 2020, will adhere to the curricula, policies, and procedures described in the 2020-21 USF undergraduate or graduate catalog, respectively.

The USF College of Public Health offers the following academic program options for USF undergraduate students interested in the field of public health. The most current requirements can be found in the USF Undergraduate Catalog.

Curriculum Description

The Public Health degree program is designed to educate students on the very many facets of public health, including but not limited to: public health programs & policies, environmental health, epidemiology, global health, biostatistics in society, and many more. Every public health student will learn the foundation of public health writing, the intricacies of critical issues in public health, and the foundation of evaluation and research.

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USF offers the first Bachelor's in Public Health housed in an accredited College of Public Health in Florida. The BS in Public Health provides student-centered courses required for entry-level public health jobs found in government agencies, health corporations, community non-profit organizations and health care facilities. This program offers student the flexibility to fully complete this degree online. Students also can choose to specialize with their major electives in global health, nutrition, environmental health, or infection control.

Accelerated Programs

Health Scholars

Students who are a public health major can apply to be a health scholar. This is an elite program that provides tailored experience for students who are accepted. The benefits include:

  •  Leadership Opportunities
  • Study Abroad Scholarship
  • Attending a Public Health Conference
  • Research
  • Recommendation Letters

Please stop by the College of Public Health office, COPH 1039 to apply today.

Contact one of our Public Health Advisors

Email: UG-PublicHealthAdvising@usf.edu
Phone: 813-974-4633