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Parandoosh Boger-Sadeghinia, PhD
Program Coordinator

MCH Scholars for Social Justice


The Maternal and Child Health Scholars for Social Justice, Undergraduate Pathway Program (MCH Scholars for Social Justice) is a newly updated program at USF! 

Originally known as “MCH Train-A-Bull”, the newly revised MCH Scholars for Social Justice pathway program aims to ensure a competent, passionate and reflective MCH workforce is available for all women/mothers, children and their families to create equitable communities for all.

This program provides Scholars with a foundation in anti-racism and social justice through an exploration of systemic racism as a precursor to the social determinants of health and MCH health disparities and outcomes. Scholars are guided in developing skills for reflection, dialogue, and awareness to prepare them for graduate school and the future MCH workforce where they can further employ social justice principles and anti-racist practices. 

Each year, undergraduate students across USF are selected into this program to complete a specially designed, intensive one-year curriculum. 30 students who are selected as Scholars will be awarded: (1) tuition for one required MCH public health course (see program components); and (2) two $250 stipends that will be distributed at the end of each summer of the one-year program. For more information regarding the award please see the Eligibility Requirements.

The goal of this program is to contribute to a trained, diverse workforce who is competent in and passionate about improving health and reducing health disparities, ultimately combating the pervasive MCH challenges encountered in Florida and the U.S. 

The MCH Scholars for Social Justice program is open to students from all majors who are interested in health-related graduate programs. The MCH Pathway will help prepare students for their respective programs of interest, offering opportunities to learn more about health professions related to MCH while also building their understanding of social justice and the social determinants of health and health disparities as they apply to MCH. 

MCH is a broad field covering the health of mothers, children and their families (including fathers), children with special health care needs, and the LGBTQ+ population. The Maternal and Child Health workforce covers areas of expertise including medicine, nutrition, social work, nursing, physician assistants, pediatric dentistry, pharmacy, psychology, health education, pediatric occupation/physical therapy, and speech language pathology.

For more information about MCH, please click the image below to check out the Prezi.