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MPH with a Concentration in Epidemiology


The Epidemiology concentration is a professional degree, intended for individuals who wish to obtain a broad understanding of public health with an emphasis on its epidemiologic principles and methods. The knowledge and skills obtained through the concentration will enable graduates to characterize the health status of communities, critically evaluate research on determinants of health-related events, formulate strategies to evaluate the impact of health-related interventions and foster the application of epidemiologic methods for health-promotion/disease-prevention activities at the community level. The concentration is offered in traditional format as well as online.

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  • Career Opportunities

    According to the 2012 US Bureau of labor statistics, the median pay for a Master’s degree in epidemiology is $63,010 per year, with a faster than average increase in the number of jobs available

    Epidemiologists can work in a large variety of areas. Some of the more common areas include: perinatal epidemiology; reproductive health; cancer; cardiovascular disease; dementia and Alzheimer’s disease; genetic epidemiology; injury and violence; infectious disease; mental health; and many more. Epidemiologists work in a number of agencies and other work environments. Examples include:

    • conducting research studies identifying risk factors for disease;
    • participating in the design and analysis of clinical trials;
    • working in a government agency, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institute of health (NIH)
    • working in non-profit organizations, both nationally and internationally;
    • working as a member of a research team in medical or other health organizations;
    • providing expert testimony in legal proceedings;
    • working as a member of local or state health departments;
    • academic positions, and so many more…
  • What Type of Background Should an Epidemiology Student Have?

    Your undergraduate academic degree will ideally be in one of the sciences, math, or in a health related field. In general, students should have some background in college algebra. For students with a different background, there are courses that they can take to gain these competencies. Being able to communicate well, both orally and in writing, is an important skill. Epidemiology involves abstract thinking so a curiosity about how things fit together is also a great skill.
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