M.P.H. with a Concentration in Behavioral Health

The Behavioral Health concentration is offered jointly with the college of Behavioral and Community Sciences, with a focus upon behavioral health (mental health and substance abuse) services. This concentration examines community and family issues in evaluation of systems performance and outcomes of public mental health and substance abuse services as well as children's mental health, aging and mental health, HIV and mental health services, and the planning, evaluation and accountability of mental health and substance abuse services. Graduates are prepared to work in mental health, alcohol and drug abuse organizations.


In addition to meeting the admission requirements for the Master of Public Health degree, applicants should also meet these concentration prerequisites:

  • Suggested/preferred undergraduate majors: Undergraduate majors may be admitted from a wide range of backgrounds, although majors from the health sciences such as nursing, pre-med and allied health sciences, and from the social and behavioral sciences (psychology, social work, anthropology, educational psychology, and sociology) are especially appropriate.
  • Work experience: Work experience in the field of public health, health, psychology, nursing, counseling, education, social work, etc. is considered extremely desirable
  • Other criteria: Three letters of recommendation from academic and/or related professional sources.