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Scholarships and Awards

Scholarship and Awards

**Note: College of Public Health Scholarships and Awards are available to degree-seeking students only.

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Current Student Scholarships & Awards

This annual scholarship based on academic performance and financial need is open to students pursuing a degree in Health Care Administration.

Florida Environmental Health Association accepts applications for FEHA Scholarships of $500 minimum from students whose course of study must be in pursuit of a scientific discipline that relates to a career in environmental health and/or public health. For current information go to

Florida Public Health Association accepts applications/nominations for FPHA Scholarships $500 for MPH or MSPH candidates and $300 for other health fields. Letters should include: present position, future goals and ambitions, and be FPHA members. For more information go to

Graduate Assistantships are available each semester to provide support to the academic and research mission of the College. Students hired into graduate assistantships are paid a salary, are eligible for student health insurance, receive a waiver of out of state tuition if applicable, and receive either a 4.5 credit hour in-state tuition waiver for 10 hour positions or 9 credit hour in-state waiver for 20 hour positions. Graduate Assistantships are advertised throughout the year and students are encouraged to apply for positions for which they are qualified.

Initially do not typically include a tuition waiver, 10-20 hours per week. Applicants should have an understanding of the scientific principles related to faculty’s research projects; prior research experience is an advantage. Contact your department's support staff directly to inquire about openings.

This scholarship is intended to assist degree seeking College of Public Health students who plan to do an International Field Experience. This will be awarded on a competitive basis and to be used to help defray the airfare and insurance costs associated with the IFE. This application must be submitted prior to leaving for the Field Experience in order to take effect. This program is administered through the College of Public Health Office of International Programs.

The College of Public Health International Student Book Scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to qualified international students as they pursue their graduate education at USF. Awards are for $500 per semester, and students can receive the scholarship each semester in which they meet the eligibility requirements.

Per Florida Residency Exception guideline 1009.21(10)(e), Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) students who meet the eligibility requirements and receive the COPH International Student Book Scholarship will be reclassified automatically as instate for the purpose of charging tuition. For more information on qualifying scholarships for LAC Students to Obtain Florida Residency. Only LAC students will qualify for reclassification.

To be eligible for the COPH International Book Scholarship, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be an admitted COPH Graduate Student
  • Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 for the term that the scholarship is requested
  • Students must be enrolled for a minimum of 9 credit hours in the term that the scholarship is requested.

This annual scholarship is given to one or two students who have an interest and leadership studies relating to aging. The amount of this scholarship varies annually. Applications are announced to the student body by email and an application form with essay is required.

The purpose of the Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Epidemiology Traineeship is to promote the advancement of applied MCH research and evaluation. This program will support doctoral students who conduct state and/or local level analyses on MCH topics as the basis for their dissertation or doctoral project. The selected doctoral student will receive a stipend (divided in two semesters, no tuition waiver is provided), which is meant to support the student to gain skills that can be utilized in developing a leadership role in MCH epidemiology (especially at the state and local level) and improve the scholar’s capacity to evaluate, refine, augment, collect, and analyze both traditional and wellbeing measures of maternal and child health. Preference will be given to topics that illustrate the use of state or local data to plan state or local needs assessments, interventions, policies or planning. Of particular interest are topics on disparities in maternal and child health and/or the assurance of quality of healthcare for mothers, fathers, children, adolescents. A key component of the award is to train culturally sensitive and diverse MCH workforce committed to MCH Epidemiology. Trainees will receive specialized interdisciplinary dissertation support and will be given opportunities to collaborate with Title V and MCH agencies and will be required to pursue dissertation research with a focus on maternal and child health epidemiology. For details, contact Abraham Salinas at

The Center of Excellence in Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Education, Science and Practice, funded by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB), aims to “provide didactic and experiential public health training in MCH that leads to masters and doctoral graduate degrees and which advances MCH workforce capacity.” Our mission is to produce an MCH workforce who will be change-ready leaders equipped with the necessary tools to address contemporary emerging MCH issues, promote healthier children, families, and communities, and address persistent disparities in MCH and healthcare across all systems.While the Center of Excellence in MCH activities across the education, science and practice pillars are available to and in collaboration with all students, faculty and health professionals/community members, a small cohort of master’s and doctoral students are selected as MCH scholars into a specialized program. These scholars complete an enhanced curriculum (including training opportunities in leadership, translational research, health literacy, conflict resolution, family-professional partnerships, and cultural competence and cultural diversity); and have the opportunity to meet monthly with local, state, and national MCH leaders. Furthermore, scholars are matched with a community mentor and an academic mentor, engage in peer mentorship, participate in research projects, and work closely throughout the academic year on leadership, professional development, and skill building activities. For more information go to

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health offers traineeships through the Sunshine ERC to accepted students in the Occupational Exposure Sciences (aka Industrial Hygiene). The traineeship award includes a tuition waiver for program required classes as well as a stipend. For details, contact Cathy Silva at 813-974-0989 or email

For the recruitment of an outstanding NEW Masters student accepted into the Nutrition and Dietetics program at USF, COPH. The award is for five semesters; $2,000 per term.


  • Acceptance into an ACEND accredited Dietetic Internship
  • Minimum undergraduate GPA 3.5
  • Personal statement* that includes the following: :
    • Brief summary of personal accomplishments demonstrating your potential to succeed in graduate school
    • Specific career objectives related to the field of public health
    • How you would benefit from receiving this award
      *This should be different from your DI personal statement and clearly demonstrate your potential to be a strong contributor in the Nutrition and Dietetics MPH concentration.

Please contact Dr. Theresa Crocker (
Application deadline: The application deadline for the 2021 cohort is April 19, 2021.  Submit via email to: Subject: Nutrition and Dietetics 2021 Scholarship

The Rita G. Bruce Scholarship is awarded to a full-time College of Public Health student with outstanding academic achievement who has displayed commitment to the field of public health through involvement in community outreach, research, and/or educational programs, and demonstrated leadership within the University of South Florida College Of Public Health. Applications are announced to the student body by email and an application form with essay is required.

Based on academic and professional achievement, annual scholarships are awarded to two PhD students and one student at the Masters level, to assist in the attainment of academic goals. Applications are announced to the student body by email and an application form with essay is required.

The Greg Alexander Scholarship is available for full or part time PhD or DrPH candidates in any department within the College of Public Health with demonstrable interest in the fields of maternal & child health or perinatal epidemiology. Preference will be given to candidates who plan to focus their doctoral research in these areas and who intend to work in the field of maternal & child health, in any setting, post-graduation. Selection of scholarship recipients will also be guided by an assessment of financial need.

Applications are announced to the student body by email and an application form with essay is required.
These annual $2,000 awards are available to undergraduate students who are major in the Bachelors of Science in Public Health degree program. Priority will be given to students recognized as Health Scholars.

Applications are announced to the student body by email.

USF College of Public Health Study Abroad Scholarship

The College of Public Health Study Abroad Scholarship is intended to assist degree-seeking College of Public Health (COPH) undergraduate and graduate students who enroll in a COPH-led study abroad course. This scholarship is designed to offer financial support to offset the cost of completing a study abroad experience. This scholarship is awarded on a competitive basis and can be awarded once per academic year. The scholarship application must be submitted on time to be considered. This scholarship is administered through the COPH Office of Experiential Learning.

Find more details on the full application linked here


Other University Funding Opportunities

USF Office of Graduate Studies

The USF Office of Graduate Studies offers scholarships and fellowships for new and continuing students. These include:

  • Ann Winch Felllowship
  • Delores Auzenne Fellowship
  • Dissertation Completion Fellowship
  • Genshaft Family Doctoral Fellowship
  • Graduate Student Success Fellowship
  • Kreplick Graduate Fellowship
  • Presidential Doctoral Fellowship
  • USF Signature Research Doctoral Fellowship

The Office of Graduate Studies also provides information about other scholarship and fellowship opportunities. For information about these and other funding opportunities, please go to their website at