Tuition & Requirements

Estimated Tuition & Fee

Residency Estimated Tuition & Fees
In-State $19,906
Out-of-State $38,538

Please note these figures are an estimated cost of tuition and fees only and does not include the cost of books, supplies, room, board and other living expenses. Please contact USF Health Financial Aid Office for assistance.

Undergraduate students age 24 or older and all graduate students regardless of age are presumed to be independent by the State.


Residency is not determined by information provided to us in your PharmCAS application. USF and State Legislature dictate residency. Instructions on how to qualify for in-state status is provided to applicants upon acceptance.

The Taneja College of Pharmacy will follow the USF guidelines for residency status and reclassification listed at the following website.

For additional information please see the USF TCOP Student Handbook.