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Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Program FAQs

  • The first opportunity to evaluate transcripts is when a student applies for admission through the USF Undergraduate Admissions Office. Unfortunately, there are no pre-screening services available prior to applying to USF. You may use the USF Class Schedule Search online to match the description of the USF classes to the description of classes you've taken.

  • Florida Community Colleges are typically regionally accredited and have classes very similar to those USF offers. These classes usually meet the prerequisite requirements for the College of Nursing undergraduate programs. You will find that Florida Community College classes that have the same prefix, course number, and description, but they will have a lower course level than those offered at USF (i.e., 1000 level versus 2000 level). Many times, these courses will transfer over and fulfill requirements. You are encouraged to use the USF Class Schedule Search online and match the description of the USF classes to the description of what you've taken.

  • USF College of Nursing does not require or accept the TEAS, HESI, letters of recommendation, or resumes for our undergraduate nursing programs. Admission is based on a combination of factors, including cumulative GPA, grades on the first attempt in the prerequisites, and an interview identifying the student's motivations for nursing and professional approach to potential clinical scenarios. Applicants who are selected for the interview process will be contacted about scheduling the interview through their SOAR discussion board.

  • There are no extensions to the published application deadlines.

  • Undergraduate students are prepared to sit for the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX) administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCBSN).

  • Our licensure pass rates consistently exceed state and national averages. For 2019, our NCLEX pass rate was 94.04%. Information on NCLEX pass rates can be found on the Florida Board of Nursing website.