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Department of Radiology

Cardiothoracic Imaging Fellowship

The University of South Florida Department of Radiology (Tampa, FL) offers a 1-year Cardiothoracic Imaging Fellowship. Contact the program directly for information regarding which academic year applications are being accepted for.   

The Cardiopulmonary Imaging fellowship focuses on establishing clinical expertise in advanced cardiovascular and pulmonary imaging. To achieve this objective, the program provides fellows with exposure to cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (CMR), cardiac computed tomography angiography (CTA), nuclear cardiology, and pulmonary imaging.

During this 1-year fellowship program, the fellow will learn how to acquire and to interpret computed tomography, magnetic resonance, and nuclear imaging examinations of the heart and chest. The fellow will learn appropriateness criteria for each cardiac imaging modality and serve as an advisor to referring clinicians on appropriate imaging modalities based on patient pathology. The fellow will formulate appropriate differential diagnoses and management recommendations for various thoracic pathologies, with emphasis on the heart, coronary arteries, lungs, mediastinum, pleura, and chest wall. Fellows will obtain the highest level of certification in cardiac CT and MRI based on the American College of Radiology and Cardiology COCATS training guidelines.

Participation in interventional procedures such as transthoracic needle biopsy and percutaneous catheter drainage of intrathoracic fluid collections is expected. Fellows will participate in interdepartmental conferences including heart failure, valve, cardiac transplant, and pulmonary. These conferences enhance knowledge of the various clinical problems faced by clinicians, and form a basis for helping to guide imaging workup of such problems. The fellow will also have an active role in radiology resident medical education.

The following items are required for a completed application:

Please send applications and supporting documents by email to our Fellowship Coordinator, Tracy Colley, at


Hristina Natcheva, MD
Program Director
University of South Florida
Cardiothoracic lmaging Fellowship